‘Elvis’ Star Austin Butler Reveals Helpful Advice He Received From Leonardo DiCaprio

by Samantha Whidden

While continuing to promote his highly anticipated biopic “Elvis,” Austin Butler revealed the helpful advice he received from Leonardo DiCaprio about working with the upcoming film’s director, Baz Luhrmann. 

During an interview on the YouTube Channel, Jake’s Takes, Austin Butler talked about meeting with DiCaprio. “I got to speak to Leo [DiCaprio] beforehand and he told me, ‘Baz is going to keep you off balance,” Butler recalled. “But it’s going to pull things out of you, you never knew you had inside you.’”

Austin Butler also revealed that DiCaprio’s advice was right on the mark. “And that’s exactly what it was. [Luhrmann] pushed me right to the edge of what I thought was possible. And I always knew that if I fell, he had me. That I was safe.”

While speaking about what caught his attention to playing Elvis Presley, Austin Butler said, “His personality… It’s the soul of him, you know? And that was the thing that was the most moving to me was Priscilla and Lisa Marie saying those things to me. You know, Priscilla saying if he was here today, he’d say hot damn that’s me.”

Austin Butler Talks About Elvis Presley’s Former Wife Priscilla & Her Approval of the Biopic 

While speaking with The Latch, Austin Butler spoke about the approval “Elvis” received from the music legend’s former wife, Priscilla. “I already knew the way Priscilla felt about it, so that relieved a lot of the pressure,” Butler explained. “That kind of gave me the extra boost of confidence that I could wait [to watch the film], and I had never been to Cannes before, so it was a really special moment.”

Austin Butler revealed he was so happy that he waited up until the film festival to watch. “Because during the course of the film, people would break out into applause. It just felt so exciting. I was really happy.”

Austin Butler then spoke about Priscilla Presley’s reaction. “I was more nervous than ever when I found out she was going to sit down in the theatre and finally see it. While she was involved from the beginning, at a certain point she was in Australia and wasn’t getting to see things. At the time there were so many things that Baz was balancing, one of them was trying to get the movie made during COVID. So, when it finally came down it, we have never been more nervous.”

However, Priscilla described Austin Butler’s performance as mesmerizing. “Baz said, ‘I got something for you,’ and I picked him up from his hotel in LA, and as I was driving he read me her message,” Butler shared. “I had to pinch myself — it hardly felt real, I couldn’t be happier.”