‘Elvis’: The Moment Tom Hanks Knew Austin Butler Was the Only Person to Play Elvis Presley

by Shelby Scott

Director Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis biopic has received rave reviews since its premiere at the end of June. In fact, some of the most positive feedback came from Elvis Presley‘s living relatives, ex-wife Prescilla Presley and daughter Lisa Marie Presley. However, what truly lent the movie such massive success was 30-year-old actor Austin Butler’s portrayal of the legendary artist. That’s in addition to Tom Hanks’ supporting character Colonel Tom Parker. Compared to Hanks, the Elvis actor is just getting his start in what could potentially become a long careering. However, Hanks, who got his start in the industry decades ago, spotted Butler’s talent a mile away. He even expressed that the budding star was the only person who could possibly play Elvis in the biopic.

“It was one of those things Baz does where he recreated a scene for the movie and it was Austin. Except it was Elvis,” Tom Hanks began. “That’s all you could say. That’s the guy.”

As per MSN, Tom Hanks launched his career in acting in the ’70s. Now, he continues to boast one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Given his legendary status in acting, his admiration for Butler’s portrayal of Elvis is certainly a high compliment.

Hanks continued, “I told Baz, ‘I’m not saying that’s the guy who should be cast as Elvis, I’m saying that’s Elvis, there’s just no question about it.'”

Of Butler’s performance, Hanks said, “Austin found some deep, molecular connection to Elvis, and Baz saw that.”

Tom Hanks Wanted More Scenes With ‘Elvis’s Austin Butler

Austin Butler thoroughly impressed crowds with his portrayal of Elvis Presley. However, his performance was so powerful it even left Tom Hanks wanting more. In speaking about his experience filming the Elvis biopic, Tom Hanks said that he didn’t get to spend as much screen time with the young star as he had hoped.

“I have to say, you could not take your eyes off of Austin Butler,” the Tom Parker actor added. “He did not phone in a thing, did not fake a thing, he undeniably went there; the dedication that he gave to [the role] was impressive right off the bat.”

In starring beside Tom Hanks, Austin Butler didn’t just earn the seasoned actor’s admiration. He also earned a bit of extremely helpful advice. Elvis continues to see success at the box office, having grossed more than $100 million at the box office over the July 4th weekend. In the meantime, Butler shared a tidbit of wisdom courtesy of Tom Hanks.

“He saw that I was all-consumed,” Butler said of Tom Hanks. In speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the young actor revealed, “his advice to me was, ‘Every day, even if it’s 10 minutes, read a little bit of a book that has nothing to do with the job. Replenish yourself and remind yourself of other things that are happening.’ That’s something I’ve tried to take on.”