Eric Roberts and His Wife Have Terrifying Encounter With Intruder

by Megan Molseed

Longtime actor Eric Roberts and his wife, Eliza, faced a terrifying encounter recently as an intruder broke past security. Entering the couple’s gated property. According to his wife Eliza’s recounting of the frightening event, Roberts, who has long been one of the most recognizable people on film and TV, came face to face with the intruder. This encounter happened just as Eliza walked into the couple’s San Fernando Valley home.

Actor Eric Roberts Has Terrifying Encounter With An Intruder At San Fernando Valley Home

According to Eliza Roberts’ recounting of events, her daughter had dropped her off at the couple’s San Fernando Valley home at around 9 p.m. She stepped out of the vehicle at the curb, saying goodbye to her daughter. It is assumed that the intruder set their sights on Eliza at this point.

Eliza Roberts recalls entering the code to the home’s security gate, opening it up, and walking up the driveway towards the house. As Eliza walks inside the home, Eric Roberts stepped outside. It is at this point that the National Security star came face to face with the intruder, who was standing just a few feet away from the home’s door.

The Intruder Immediately Recognizes The Longtime Actor

As Eric Roberts comes face to face with their intruder, the unknown visitor looks at the actor and says “I know you.” It is assumed that the intruder recognized Roberts from his extensive work on TV and in film.

Unsure how to respond…or even if he should, Roberts was caught off guard by the person standing in his yard. Eventually, he asks why the intruder is there. However, the Roberts’ never got a clear answer to this question. Further alarming the couple. He told the guy to leave his property immediately.

The Police Were Called To The Scene After the Terrifying Encounter

After coming face-to-face with the intruder, Roberts’s reaction sent the unwelcome visitor back down the dark driveway. The actor then joined his wife inside. However, the couple was still shaken by the encounter. Most importantly, the couple worried that the intruder may still be lurking around their San Fernando Valley home. They then phoned the area police to check the property.

Thankfully, the San Fernando Valley officers found no sign of the intruder, assuring the Roberts’s that they were safe on their gated property. Thankfully, however, things evolved the way that they did. We don’t know for sure what the intruder was looking for when he followed Eliza to the home. However, signs point to the fact that this person was absolutely up to no good.