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Ethan Hawke Slammed Over Casting ‘Stranger Things’ Star Daughter in New Movie

by Joe Rutland
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Ethan Hawke is facing criticism for casting his daughter Maya as Flannery O’Connor in the upcoming film Wildcat. Hawke is directing the movie, but some people are crying out about nepotism taking place. Maya Hawke has done a great job in getting a key role in the world of Stranger Things.

Reaction to Hawke casting Maya in the role has been, at times, downright scary.

Another person wrote, “When the coaches son is the quarterback.” And this person tweeted, “Guess the audition went well”. Why is all this grief heading toward Hawke? Well, it might have to do with a New York Magazine article in January. It talked about the boom of the “nepo baby,” BroBible reports.

Variety noted that “Wildcat will follow O’Connor as she struggles to publish her first novel. A devout Catholic from Georgia, O’Connor was invited to the prestigious Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Famous for her offbeat short fiction about the American South and her faith, she was plagued by lupus for much of her life, and died at 39.”

Besides Maya Hawke, Wildcat will star Laura Linney, Steve Zahn, Cooper Hoffman, Alessandro Nivola, and Vincent D’Onofrio.

Ethan Hawke Remembers When Monte Carlo Got Stolen From ‘Training Day’ Set

Meanwhile, Ethan Hawke took a trip down memory lane about one of his movies, Training Day. He co-starred in it along with Denzel Washington. Hawke was at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2021. There, he recalled a Monte Carlo getting stolen. Director Antoine Fuqua and Hawke spent time looking back on days gone by.

“We had some laughs,” Hawke said. “Do you remember the day the Monte Carlo got stolen?” Fuqua said, “It was back, I think, within 24 hours. Polished and cleaned, by the way. Those guys down there said, ‘Don’t worry about it. We got it.’ It was back in the exact same spot they stole it from, too.”

Hawke undertook another piece of directorial work on the Paul Newman-Joanne Woodward series The Last Movie Stars. Hawke worked on it with Martin Scorsese, who was the executive producer. The director for this show really dug deep into the long relationship of Newman and Woodward to make it stand out.

Back in his earlier days as an actor, Hawke starred opposite Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society. While Williams was definitely talented and even mischievous at times, Hawke had some thoughts about Williams. He called the actor “incredibly irritating” to work with. “He had a habit of making a ton of jokes on set,” Hawke said of Williams in an interview with TooFab. “At 18, I found that incredibly irritating. He wouldn’t stop and I wouldn’t laugh at anything he did.”