‘Fast and Furious’ Star Vin Diesel Revealed His Favorite Car From the Franchise

by Chris Piner

In 2011, Hollywood introduced the world to a film surrounding fast cars, criminals, and the unfathomable power behind family. Following an LAPD officer, Brian O’Conner, played by the late Paul Walker, infiltrating the underground racing scene and befriending Dominic Toretto, portrayed by Vin Diesel, even Universal had no idea how big the film would become as it quickly grew into a franchise. Not only did the Fast and Furious franchise lead to 9 complete films, with the final on the way, but it also landed a video game, theme park ride, and nobody can forget about the merchandising. But no matter how big the franchise gets, family is always at the forefront. Still, that doesn’t mean actor Vin Diesel isn’t sentimental when it comes to cars. 

While interviewing with Supercar Blondie in 2021 to promote F9: The Fast Saga, Vin Diesel discussed the number of cars in the series and which is his favorite. With 9 films already, the series showcased hundreds of cars from basic racers to luxury million-dollar pieces of art. No matter the price tag, when it comes to Fast and Furious, no car is safe. Back in the original film, Diesel chased Johnny Tran in his 1970 Charger. To the horror of most fans, the climax featured the Charger decimated by a truck. Although gone, Diesel admitted the Charger was his favorite car. “Obviously, the Charger has sentimental value.”  

Vin Diesel Protective Of Fast And Furious Legacy

Although the family theme is dominant in each new film of the franchise, the motto is more than a marketing catchphrase to Vin Diesel. Given the untimely death of Paul Walker, Diesel explained how they always think about the legacy of the Fast Saga. “When people are in the middle of the process, trying to manifest something, maybe they don’t spend enough time thinking about how it will be remembered — how it will be regarded. But at the same time, you have to identify the significance of it, in order to get the most out of yourself — and the most out of the people that you’re inviting on the journey.”

Vin Diesel added, “So it’s not uncommon that I’ll give a speech on set where I’ll say, ‘We’re making this franchise for people that are no longer with us,’ which is very real, and the implications of that are very heavy. ‘But at the same time, we’re making the franchise for the people that aren’t born yet.’” 

As mentioned above, the last film is scheduled for a 2023 release. With the series already making Universal over 6 billion worldwide, Vin Diesel concluded, “When you have a unique perspective of creating a franchise that spans generations, you realize, okay, we all have to be as brilliant as possible. We have to reach as high as we can. Because it may be more important than just a movie. More important than two hours of escapism. There may be something more at play.”