‘Fast X’ Star Brie Larson Celebrates Vin Diesel’s Birthday With Behind-the-Scenes Photo

by Samantha Whidden

While enjoying a much-needed break on the set of “Fast X,” Brie Larson celebrates co-star Vin Diesel’s birthday with a behind-the-scene snapshot. 

On Monday (July 18th), the “Fast X” star took to her Instagram to share the pic while celebrating her co-star’s 55th birthday. “I little family for your timeline,” the actress captioned the post. “Happy Birthday, [Vin Diesel].”

Vin Diesel previously shared the first look at Larson on the “Fast X” set earlier this spring. “There are some people you will meet in life … That will change you, change your family… change the world, FOREVER! #FastX.” 

Diesel also wrote about being thankful to be filming the highly anticipated action-packed film. “We just completed our fourth week of filming!! So grateful for the brilliant originals, the amazing family that has joined us along the journey… and extremely excited for you to see the new characters joining this mythology. Blessed and grateful.”

“Fast X’s” plot still remains a mystery. However, the film will be released on May 19, 2023. Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron, and Jordana Brewster are also returning for the upcoming movie. Directing the latest installment of the “Fast & Furious” franchise is Louis Leterrier. 

Vin Diesel Stated Upcoming “Fast X” and 11th Movie Will Be Filmed Back-to-Back

Last summer, Vin Diesel revealed that the latest installments of the “Fast & Furious” franchise will be filmed back-to-back. At the time, Diesel declared, “The target release date is 02/23 for the first one and 02/24 for the second one. We were supposed the release this movie last year, prior to the [COVID-19] pandemic.”

Meanwhile, “Fast X” co-stars Tyrese Gibson and Sung Kang also spoke about the upcoming films. “I think the ideas that I’ve heard thus far is that we’re going to be touching a lot of continents,” Gibson teased. “And I am campaigning for South Africa to be one of these countries that we go to.”

Diesel also told AP News that the “Fast & Furious” franchise was “born” from the pavement. “The world just championed this underdog to a place where it has already surpassed all of these other franchises. But the franchise has a soul and that soul has to rest.”

Diesel then said that “Fast & Furious” has to come to an end eventually. “Every story deserves its own ending. I know people are going to feel like it doesn’t have to end, but I think all good things should. There are reasons for a finale. I think this franchise has deserved it.” 

Diesel went on to add that when he told his daughter about the franchise’s conclusion, the actor said she began shedding tears. She was notably full of emotions about what the ending will be like.