‘Ferris Bueller’ Actress Edie McClurg Reportedly Victimized in Elder Abuse Case

by Samantha Whidden

“Ferris Bueller” star Edie McClurg was reportedly victimized by a self-described longtime friend, according to a recently filed elder abuse case.

TMZ reports that Edie McClurg’s friend, named Michael L. Ramos, tried to take her out of state and marry her, despite her suffering from dementia. Ramos has been living with the “Ferris Bueller” actress. Court documents, obtained by the media outlet, further reveal that the unemployed man somehow “finagled” his way into McClurg’s life. He has attempted to move her out of state in order to exchange vows with her lacking mental capacity.  

Edie McClurg is currently under a conservatorship and now has protection from a judge, who also ordered Ramos to put an end to his marriage plans. Despite Ramos’ attempts to become the actress’ husband, he and McClurg were never romantic. 

Along with trying to marry Edie McClurg, Ramos allegedly sexually assaulted the actress’ caregiver. A police report has been filed with the LAPD about the assault. The caregiver also said that they were fearful Ramos may have been sexually assaulting McClurg as well. With her condition, the actress may not have known what was happening either. 

Meanwhile, TMZ shares that the conservatorship judge has been allowing Ramos to live in Edie McClurg’s home in order to provide her companionship. However, the lawyer in the case is now seeking an order to remove him from the premises. 

Edie McClurg’s Family Asked For A Conservatorship to Protect the Actress From Verbally Abusive Male Companion

In 2019, TMZ reported that Edie McClurg’s family sought for a conservatorship in order to protect the actress, who was living with a verbally abusive male companion at the time.

The companion also tried to influence the actress to let him handle her estate. He did this by getting her to sign legal documents. Those involved in the conservatorship case were McClurg’s niece, cousin and friend. They shared at the time that neurological tests confirmed that the actress was no longer able to live alone without assistance. She is considered vulnerable to “undue influences” due to her poor judgment and evident dementia.

The male companion, who remained unnamed, was living with Edie McClurg for several years prior to the conservatorship. Her loved ones didn’t believe that she was capable of understanding the relationship between her and the male companion. 

Edie McClurg began her career in 1976. The 77-year-old actress made her onscreen debut as Helen Shyres in Brian De Palma’s horror film “Carrie”. She also regularly performed as Mrs. Marv Mendenhall on “The David Letterman Show.” She was Venus Kallikak on “The Kallikaks.”

Along with “Carrie” and “Ferris Bueller,” Edit McClurg’s other well-known roles include “The Little Mermaid,” “Airborne,” “Flubber,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” and “Frozen.”