‘Forrest Gump’ Costars Tom Hanks and Robin Wright to Reunite on New Project

by Joe Rutland

Tom Hanks and Robin Wright were magical together in Forrest Gump and now they are reuniting for a new project. They will star in a movie adaptation of Richard McGuire’s novel Here. And they will have some of their Forrest Gump friends along with director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter Eric Roth.

The project is described as “a breathtaking and revolutionary odyssey through time and memory.” This story will be centered in a location in New England. It has elements of love, loss, struggle, hope, and legacy throughout the storyline. Filming is scheduled to start in September 2022 and Sony Pictures will look to release Here in 2023.

People In ‘Forrest Gump’ Production Team Have Worked Together Before

“I had the privilege to observe close at hand, Bob and Tom break the typical storytelling mode with Cast Away, to audiences’ immense delight,” Tom Rothman, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures’ Motion Picture Group, said. “With Here, Eric and Bob have written another, perhaps even more remarkable, exquisitely emotional, and entirely unique story.” We get more from ET Online.

If you have heard of Hanks and Zemeckis working no more projects together, then you’re not going nuts. They teamed up for Cast Away and The Polar Express. Roth and Hanks did work together on Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close in 2011. Now, the whole gang gets back together for Here

Filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld Reflects On Taking Pass In Doing Movie

You know, we mentioned Zemeckis was coming on board this new project. Yet he was not the first director potentially onboard to do Forrest Gump. Nope, that honor went to filmmaker Barry Sonnenfeld, who needed time to make peace with not doing the flick. As the story goes, producer Gary Lucchesi sent Sonnenfeld the book to read. This is where The Addams Family director picks up the story. “I said, ‘Let’s change the main character from a big fat guy that’s a really big running back to a thin guy that runs all the time and I’ll send it to Hanks because I had shot ‘Big’ with him,” Sonnenfeld said to Variety. Hanks signed up for the movie but Sonnenfeld chose the sequel Addams Family Values and passed on it.

Forrest Gump shows Hanks in one of his most dynamic roles. His scenes with Wright as Jenny evoke compassion, tenderness, and love. Their on-screen magic is something producers are hoping will come through again for this new project. Hanks’ movie career has been rich with different roles and movies. His fans are probably hoping Here will be another solid addition to the actor’s resume’. But they will have to wait until next year to see it.