‘Full House’ Alum Candace Cameron Bure Reveals She’s Been Struggling: ‘In a Bit of a Dip Right Now’

by Joe Rutland

Actress Candace Cameron Bure is dealing with a lot of different emotions recently as the Full House alum keeps on trucking. Bure can be seen on GAC Family in programming but millions remember her as D.J. Tanner. Well, this year has not been an easy one for her. Candace has been dealing with the loss of her TV father Bob Saget earlier this year.

Meanwhile, she’s usually a pretty positive person on Instagram. Yet some recent posts that she happened to make show that she, too, has her moments. While she is a very faith-filled woman, Bure admits in these comments that recently the struggle has been real. She shares about it with her adoring fans and followers.

“The truth is I have not been working out consistently,” Bure writes. “I’m tired, but I’m just fighting against my own will and desire; I know how much better working out makes me feel. And I’m in a bit of a ‘dip’ right now where the mental takes over and I just can’t even get motivated to go out. But I’m literally praying every day, I’m praying to God to just give me the strength and give me the motivation to like put on the clothes and press start and do whatever I can do. And I got through [the workout]. And I got through it and I feel good about it.

Candace Cameron Bure of ‘Full House’ Shares About Getting Back on Track

“I took a walk today because I could feel myself dipping into that whole [spl hole] this evening….,” she continues. “It just feels really good and right to putting me back on track, to putting my hope and my trust and my weariness all in the Lord regardless of what’s happening in the world.”

Through the strength of her physical and spiritual bodies, Bure managed to recalibrate her life a little bit. She’s awfully good about sharing the light-hearted moments that happen in her life. Of course, Bure is not the only one who is missing Saget these days. Her costar Dave Coulier discussed how he’s been getting through his own life without Saget. He would admit in an interview with WFLA that it’s not easy and misses his “brother” in Bob Saget.

Speaking of Bure as D.J., she would recall one time that she got bullied over her role. Bure talked about it in a 1989 interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram newspaper. “I had some problems at school,” she said. “Some kids would pull my hair and wrote bad stuff on my locker. Because I’m in an adult world, I have a little older point of view of things than some of my friends.”