‘Full House’ Star Jodie Sweetin Reveals She Picked the First Wedding Dress She Tried On

by Samantha Whidden

While she didn’t have much time to prepare for her intimate wedding to Mescal Wasilewski, “Full House” star Jodie Sweetin said that she knew exactly which wedding dress she wanted. 

As she spoke to PEOPLE about her big day, Jodie Sweetin said she picked out the first dress she tried on. “I had some amazing dress designers that were like, ‘Oh, we’ll create something,’” Sweetin explained. “And I was like, ‘Great, the wedding’s in, like 75 days.’”

With the timeline being super limited, Jodie Sweetin said her daughters helped her pick the dress off the rack. She went with a dress at Lili Bridals per a recommendation from her “Fuller House” hairstylist, Anna Maria Orzano. The shop previously lent Sweetin’s co-star Andrea Barber a dress for the “Fuller House” wedding episode. 

Jodie Sweetin further shared that her oldest daughter Zoie found “the one” dress. “Zoe was the one that picked it off the rack, and it was the first one I tried on,” Sweetin continued. “And it was stunning and gorgeous. It was the first dress I tried on and it needed alterations as far as the hem, just because it’s so long.” 

Despite the hem modification, Jodie Sweetin said everything else about the dress was absolutely perfect. “It’s kind of a vintage feel to it and a lot of movement. Because the wedding’s in a garden and I wanted it to feel a little magical, it’s kind of got that feel to it.”

‘Full House’ Star Jodie Sweetin Said Her Wedding Dress Had a ‘Vibe’ To It 

Jodie Sweetin also shared that when it came to finding a wedding dress, she was more interested in the vibe of the dress instead of the look. 

“It was the fit,” Jodie Sweetin stated. “It fit beautifully. It’s comfortable. I can sit in it. I’m like, I don’t want to be miserable. I don’t want to be uncomfortable. And I put it on and I felt gorgeous.”

Meanwhile, Jodie Sweetin’s youngest, Beatrix helped pick out the perfect shoes to match her dress. “Bea helped me pick out my shoes. They were the first shoes I tried on. She was like, being my little shoe presenter because they sent a bunch of shoes here.”

Jodie Sweetin ended up picking shoes from Bella Belle, which featured a low heel. The actress also opted for the Cassie Lace-Up Block Heel Pumps. Sweetin added that her daughters had a huge role in her big day. “They were both there for everything. So they had their say in it, which was important to me.”

The girls were even Sweetin’s bridesmaids and wore gorgeous blue dresses alongside the blushing bride. “They’re so excited to stand up there with me,” she added.