‘Full House’ Alum Jodie Sweetin Says She Will ‘Keep Marching’ After Being Thrown to the Ground During Protest

by Sean Griffin

Jodie Sweetin of Full House fame was recently involved in an incident with police at a Los Angeles pro-choice protest. The video, linked in the following paragraph, contains NSFW language.

In this viral video, LAPD officers forcefully shove the actress to the ground. She is tossed from a roadside curb and collides on the ground at the feet of other protestors. The fellow protestors help Sweetin to her feet. Sweetin puts her cap back on her head and stares back at the wall of policemen. She adorned an all-black outfit with a red and white megaphone strapped around her shoulder. The crowd then begins chanting defiantly at police officers, “no justice, no peace.”

After the incident, Jodie Sweetin spoke to People in an exclusive interview. Apparently, Sweetin was “so uncomfortable” with the nationwide attention she received following the confrontation. The protest occurred after the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade, which granted abortion rights for citizens.

Sweetin spoke about the incident. “If people think that looked bad, then they have no idea what others are facing out there during protests. I happen to be a TV celebrity who is not a person of color so it got a lot of attention,” she said. “I am so uncomfortable with that but if it will keep attention on this issue, I’m okay with that.”

Jodie Sweetin Vows to ‘Keep Marching’

Sweetin revealed that she did sustain injuries from the incident. The Full House star claimed she has a large bruise and hip swelling.

However, the pro-choice advocate is determined not to slow down. “I got right back up, picked up my megaphone and kept marching for another 4-5 hours,” she said. “I will keep marching, I will keep at it. It’s going to take more than this to make me stop,” she added. “I will keep going back out there.”

Jodie Sweetin feels protests “have to be disruptive, they have to be loud, they have to make some noise in order to raise awareness.” She went on to explain her main objective is advocating for women in states where abortions have been banned in the wake of the new ruling. States like Arkansas, Missouri, South Dakota, and Kentucky have already banned abortion post-decision.

“This is not just about what we have here in California, this is about the fact that in 23 states, women have their rights taken away — there are lives at stake,” Sweetin said. “And we have to be aware of issues that aren’t necessarily affecting us directly.” 

“The first thing I thought of was my 14-year-old and almost 12-year-old daughters,” Sweetin continued. “They are young women and if we lived one state over they could be in a position where they couldn’t follow their dreams, couldn’t have the family they want, couldn’t have those freedoms that we all deserve. And it’s not just about abortion rights — we didn’t think this would ever happen, so what else is next?”

The LAPD recently released a statement after the incident.