‘Full House’ Stars Lori Loughlin and John Stamos Are Still Grieving After Bob Saget’s Death

by Joe Rutland

Close friends and Full House costars Lori Loughlin and John Stamos are still grieving the loss of their costar and friend Bob Saget. Saget, 65, died in January after suffering a head injury. Loughlin played Becky while Stamos played Uncle Jesse Katsopolis in the famed sitcom. On Friday, they, along with some other Saget friends, got together for an Instagram Live hosted by Stamos.

“He was everyone’s dad, he was part of everyone’s childhood … It’s still hard for me to believe that Bob is gone,” said Loughlin at one point during the virtual get-together, according to Page Six. Also part of the Instagram Live get-together were musician John Mayer and comedian Jeff Ross. One reason all of them got together, besides remembering their friend, is that a Saget tribute special is now out on Netflix.

Special for Bob Saget of ‘Full House’ Includes His Widow, Kelly Rizzo

Dirty Daddy: The Bob Saget Tribute was a memorial event held at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles on Jan. 30, weeks after Saget died on Jan. 9. A few of Saget’s comedy friends like Dave Chapelle, Marc Maron, and Seth Green gathered on Jan. 14 for an informal event following Saget’s funeral. Mayer also was a part of that as well.

One person who was definitely involved in the Netflix special was Kelly Rizzo, who was Saget’s wife. She expressed her thanks toward Netflix for the show. “It still doesn’t feel real,” Rizzo writes on Instagram. “Even though it’s painful to see, share, and relive it all… It’s more important that we can share this magnificent man, who we all loved so deeply with you.” She also would share a trailer for the special on social media.

Here’s another Stamos tidbit. On the special, he revealed the final text that he got from the actor-comedian. “I wanna read my last text from Bob,” Stamos said. “He said, ‘I love you so much. I will say that God gave me the brother that I wanted.'” Stamos responded via text, “Well, you have a lot of God-given brothers, but I’m first right? [Saget] said, ‘[John] Mayer is an amazing friend, but he’s more fair-weather. You’re always there, so you’re number one.'”

What about Dave Coulier? The Joey Gladstone actor has rebounded from dealing with alcoholism yet suffered three personal losses in a row. He lost his brother, father, and Saget within a short period of time. Sobriety played a role in helping him get through the grief. “I thought to myself after those three lives were gone, I would’ve never been able to feel all of that if I was drinking, and it was really important to me to just feel that sorrow,” Coulier tells Tamron Hall in an interview.