‘Full House’ Star John Stamos Reveals Son’s Hilarious Reaction to Dad Performing With The Beach Boys

by Chris Piner

Most notable for his role in Full House as Jesse Katsopolis, John Stamos became a household name thanks to the show running for 4 seasons starting in 1987. Using his newfound stardom, the television star went on to land roles in other shows like ER and Glee. Outside of television and movies, Stamos also starred as Albert in the Broadway revival of Bye Bye Birdie. Pursuing his musical talents, he acted in the live musical version of the Little Mermaid as Chef Louis. And continuing to pave his own path in Hollywood, Stamos announced his role as Captain Salty Bones in the new Disney show, Mickey Mouse Funhouse, Pirate Adventure

While excited to work with Disney on the Mickey Mouse Funhouse, that wasn’t the only role given to John Stamos as fans can see him voice a legendary character for Disney and the Marvel cinematic universe, Iron Man. Voicing the iconic Tony Stark in Marvel’s Spidey and his Amazing Friends, Stamos recently sat down to discuss the new challenges of voice acting and how the roles made him look “Cool” in the eyes of his son. 

John Stamos A Hero To His Son Thanks To Iron Man Role

Speaking with TVInsider, John Stamos said gaining his son’s approval meant a lot to him. “I was saying [while] at Disney hosting some event, any parents, the one thing you want your kids to do is think you’re cool, right? And I’ve been trying to get Billy to think I’m cool since he was two months old. He’s four now, we were in the car, The Beach Boys came on, I said, ‘hey, Billy, isn’t it cool your dad plays with The Beach Boys?’ He took the longest beat. He said, ‘Dad, do you know the Beatles?’” 

Although Full House ended in May of 1995, apparently, John Stamos’ son watches the show. The actor explained, “Recently his nanny came in and they’ve been watching Full House. I fired her and I put him in timeout for six years. No, but he’s so funny already, which I love, but I’ll ask him, ‘Billy, put your clothes away,’ or something. He’ll be like, ‘yeah, you got it, dude,’ like totally taking the piss outta me.” 

One of the proudest moments according to John Stamos revolves around his son telling his friends that he plays Iron Man. “He tells everybody too, ‘My dad plays Iron Man,’ and they’re like, ‘No, that’s Robert Downey Jr.’ He says, ‘No, on the cartoon.’ He loves it. And I do Funhouse from home in my home studio. So he’ll come up and visit and he’ll sit there, mostly quiet. As soon as it starts, then he wants to start talking and give me directions and then we have to send him out, but he’ll sit on my lap and I’ll do the Salty Bones thing.”

Premiering on Disney Channel and Disney Junior, John Stamos portraying both Captain Salty Bones and Iron Man premieres on August 19th.