Gary Busey Breaks Silence After Sexual Assault Allegations

by Craig Garrett

Gary Busey is denying the recent allegations that he groped two women at a horror convention in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The 78-year-old actor and reality TV star was charged with two counts of criminal sexual contact. He was also charged with one count of criminal attempt/criminal sexual contact, and one count of harassment.

On Monday, he denied any wrongdoing to TMZ, claiming that “nothing happened” with the women who accused him. He went on to say that he doesn’t have “any regrets” about his behavior at the convention. “It was all false,” he said when questioned about the allegations. “I don’t care because there are no accusations.”

The Lethal Weapon actor pointed out that the exchange between the “two girls took less than 10 seconds” before “they left.” “Then they made their story,” he said, before claiming that “his partner and the camerawoman” would back up his side of the story. Gary Busey concluded the denial by adding that “nothing happened.”

Gary Busey was charged on Friday after allegedly interacting with the women at the Monster Mania Con. Busey, hailing from sunny Malibu, California, was supposed to be a featured guest for the duration of the event. After the events transpired, law enforcement officials declined to name the assailant. However, they did provide an age and hometown that correlated with Busey’s information.

Another bizarre turn for Gary Busey occurred Sunday

On Sunday, Gary Busey was photographed by paparazzi in a public park in California with his pants down. This was just one day after he had been charged. He was seen sitting on a bench at Point Dume Park in Malibu with his sweatpants around his knees in the video. At one point, the veteran actor appears to be smoking a cigar.

It’s unclear why Gary Busey was somewhat exposed, but he has done so previously in public. He was accused of doing the same thing numerous times while competing on Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom in 2014. At the time, he claimed it was due to a bad knee and needing to adjust his knee brace.

Gary Busey is widely known as a character actor. He is mostly remembered in supporting roles such as in Point Break and Lethal Weapon. Busey became something of a horror icon for two films in particular. He was in Stephen King’s 80s werewolf movie Silver Bullet. In 1990, he appeared in Predator 2. He’s also appeared in a lot of reality tv, including Celebrity Apprentice. However, his breakthrough role was as a more serious actor. He rose to prominence and was nominated for an Oscar for best actor after playing the title role in the 1978 film The Buddy Holly Story.