Gene Simmons’ Daughter Announces Engagement, Posts Pic of Massive Diamond Ring

by Chris Piner

While known for being “The Demon” and one of the singers for the legendary band Kiss, Gene Simmons did more throughout his life than shock fans and cause controversy. He also had a family. Finding love in the partnership with actress Shannon Tweed, the two grew their family by adding two children. But as time is always moving, it appears those once kids are now grown. And even more, the daughter of Gene Simmons, Sophie, announced Thursday morning that she was officially engaged. 

Sharing a stunning photo of her massive diamond ring, Sophie Simmons, who is also a singer, made the announcement on her birthday. She turned 30. Sophie was sure not to leave out her love, James, as she posted a picture of her hand resting in his. Of course, the diamond ring is front and center. The singer captioned the photo with “This is the time.” 

Congratulations and love filled the comment section as numerous friends were sure to commemorate the day. Author Michael Faudet wrote, “Congratulations, Sophie! Magic happens.” Artist Kara Marni added, “Huge congrats angel.” 

Sophie Simmons Goes Into The Family Business

Before finding love, Sophie Simmons followed her dad into the family business and released numerous singles. It wasn’t just music either as she appeared on the reality show about the family, Gene Simmons Family Jewels. Sophie was in all seven seasons of the show and went on to audition for a spot on The X Factor.

Although Sophie is present on social media platforms like Instagram, it’s unclear how long she and James have been dating. There are only a few photos of the pair together. But no matter what, love is in the air. 

As for Gene Simmons, after almost 50 years of shows and songs, Kiss ended their run in June of 2022 with a farewell tour. At the time, Simmons admitted the decision was tough but dignity helped guide them. He said, “Have enough self-respect to know when to leave with dignity, because you love the fans. We’re forever grateful for this astonishing journey because without the fans we wouldn’t be here.”

The End Of Kiss Is Just The Beginning

The curtain might have fallen for the last time on Kiss, but that doesn’t mean Gene Simmons is done. On top of Sophie Simmons’ engagement, the songwriter apparently is teaming up with Paul Stanley and Jon Bon Jovi for a new adventure in summer drinks. Labeled the Hampton Water Frosé, the drink will only be available at Stanley and Simmons’ Rock & Brews restaurant chain this summer. 

It might sound like an odd venture, but this isn’t the first time Gene Simmons has experimented with his brand. In 2012, Kiss allowed Hello Kitty to use the band’s likeness. Before that, the band endorsed a World Championship Wrestling team called “The Warriors of Kiss”. And for all the kids out there, in 2002, they appeared in the famous cartoon What’s New Scooby-Doo.