‘General Hospital’ Star Jack Wagner’s Son Dead at 27

by Emily Morgan

It’s a sad day for former “General Hospital” star Jack Wagner. His son Harrison has died at just 27-years-old. Per reports from The Sun, on Tuesday, June 6, authorities found Harrison dead in a parking lot in Los Angeles. The Los Angeles County medical examiner is currently investigating his cause of death.

In addition to Harrison, Wagner and his wife Kristina are also parents to their 32-year-old son Peter. Before his untimely death, Harrison worked in the entertainment industry as an actor, DJ, and music producer in Los Angeles.

Although he wasn’t particularly active on social media in the months leading up to his death, he did share a couple of photos in the last month. He also posted several pics with his mother in April and another with his dad in March.

On May 20, his mom shared a photo of herself alongside Peter and Harrison on the porch of their ranch house. They had recently announced that the family was selling their home after 25 years.

After the tragedy was reported, fans quickly commented on Harrison’s final Instagram post to offer their condolences. One wrote: “Oh my God! Can’t believe he is gone!! RIP,” as another wrote, “I hope you are in a happier place.”

“My heart breaks for your family,” one chimed in. Another added, “I’m heart broken. I kept praying you were doing great..” His followers see him sitting on a bench on a beautiful sunny day and gazing out in his Instagram pic. “Focus. YOU are left with YOU and your thoughts,” he captioned in the snap.

Jack Wagner’s son had battled with addiction before his untimely death

Sadly, Harrison struggled with drugs and alcohol throughout his adult life. His dad also opened up about his son’s demons in July of 2016 when his youngest child went missing for nearly a week.

The TV star took to Twitter to plea for help from his followers. At the time, he tweeted, “I fear for my youngest son’s safety.” He added, “Harrison has struggled with drugs and alcohol just as I did when I was younger. He’s relapsed and is MIA five days.”

Thankfully, Harrison was able to get back in touch with his family. Wagner later updated his worried followers. “Harrison’s been in touch. He’s 21 and in charge of his life.” He added, “Thank you for the love and prayers. Please continue to share your struggles, it helps us all.”

In November 2011, Wagner met his daughter, Kerry, for the first time. Kerry had been placed for adoption at birth by her birth mother and had recently hired a private investigator to find her biological parents. In addition, this also became Wagner’s storyline in his “Dancing with the Stars” performance on April 2, 2012.