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‘George and Tammy’s Jessica Chastain Mocked for Bragging About Wearing Mask at Golden Globes

by Samantha Whidden
Jessica Chastain
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/FilmMagic)

After being praised as being one of the celebrities who did not get COVID at the 2023 Golden Globes, George and Tammy star Jessica Chastain is being criticized for her mask-wearing brag at the big event. 

The discussion started on Sunday (January 15th), when a person commented that Jessica Chastain had been photographed wearing a mask. “And you know who didn’t get COVID at the Golden Globes?” the tweet reads, featuring Chastain wearing the mask. 

In response to the tweet, Jessica Chastain took to Twitter and wrote, “Phew” with kissing and mask-wearing emojis. 

While some praised Jessica Chastain for her decision to have a mask, others pointed out that the actress didn’t wear the mask very much. One person pointed out they weren’t sure if the mask was actually functional. “wait, that thing was actually functional?! looked more for show—not a negative, in this context, don’t get me wrong—than anything, if i’m being perfectly honest.”

Some critics also pointed out that Jessica Chastain was photographed with Colin Farrell, who is one of the celebrities that was diagnosed with COVID after the Golden Globes. Along with Farrell, other celebrities who ended up with COVID were Jamie Lee Curtis, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Brendan Gleeson. Chastain secured a nomination for Best Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture For TV. However, she ended up losing to The Dropout star Amanda Seyfried.

Jessica Chastain Admitted That It Was ‘So Scary for Her & Michael Shannon to Portray George Jones & Tammy Wynette 

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly last month, Jessica Chastain opened up about how she and Michael Shannon approached their roles in George and Tammy. 

“Doing something like this is so terrifying for me,” Jessica Chastain said about the role. “I couldn’t imagine not having a partner that I could really trust and link arms with to do this. We really went into it together and it was so scary for both of us.”

The duo previously worked together on Take Shelter. Shannon noted that the key reason he even did George & Tammy was because Chastain asked him to. “I mean, we’re completely out of our depth,” Chastain shared why it was so scary for her. “You say that, but then obviously when you’re out of your depth you have to meet it. Right? Which also is what I like so much about the work he does is, it’s never the same.”

Luckily, Chastain and Shannon had each other, which made Chastain feel better about the role. “I felt very scared about a lot of things on this show, but I never felt scared about showing up on set with Mike.”

In regards to what was really important to her about portraying Tammy, Chastain declared the country music legend’s laugh was super important. “That’s something you have to work on so much that I noticed, even when we stopped filming, when I would laugh I kept laughing like her.”