‘Glee’ Star Blake Jenner Arrested for DUI in California

by Shelby Scott

FOX’s hit musical dramedy Glee aired its final season in 2015, though fans still remember actor Blake Jenner for his role as Ryder Lynn years later. Jenner joined the cast of Glee during the show’s fourth season as a recurring character. However, he became a cast regular by season five. Now, years following the show’s conclusion, Blake Jenner is again making headlines. This time though, it’s because California law enforcement stopped the Glee star for a DUI.

According to TMZ, the Burbank Police Department states officers pulled Blake Jenner (29) over last weekend after he failed to stop at a stop light around 11:30 p.m. Per the outlet, officers felt Jenner was showing signs of intoxication. As a result, the officers had the actor undergo the standard field sobriety testing.

Following the sobriety test, which Jenner ultimately failed, officers booked and arrested him for a “misdemeanor DUI.”

Jenner’s stint in a holding cell didn’t last long. As the outlet reports, he was released with a citation for the DUI shortly afterward. Blake Jenner will appear in court following the incident at a later date.

Since departing Glee, Blake Jenner has continued on the path of acting. Following the FOX dramedy, he’s held roles in Netflix’s The Edge of Seventeen, Billy Boy (2017), and American Animals (2018).

Blake Jenner the Latest Celebrity to Receive DUI Charge

Truthfully, we’re constantly seeing some of TV‘s biggest stars in hot water for crimes of all kinds. However, most commonly the crime seems to be a DUI. Glee star Blake Jenner is the latest Hollywood actor to receive a DUI charge, but he is hardly the first.

Earlier this year, The Office and Anchorman star David Koechner saw charges for a DUI as well. Previous reports state he’d been caught drunk-driving on New Year’s Eve. Officers pulled the actor over after he blew out two tires and exhibited a BAC of 0.13. More recently, authorities arrested Koechner for another DUI. This time though, they released the actual body cam footage from the stop.

Koechner, like Glee star Blake Jenner, had been exhibiting signs of drunken driving on New Year’s Eve when authorities pulled him over the first time. Then, in June, according to a previous report, an Ohio State Trooper again pulled The Office star over when he noticed the actor swerving.

The report states David Koechner had been arrested just before 2 a.m. on Saturday, June 4th. Body cam footage was then released on Tuesday, June 14th. Amid the footage, which you can view here, one of the officers remarks, “Oh god, you smell it from here,” referring to the alcohol on the actor’s breath.

The officers enacting the traffic stop then ran through a series of sobriety tests, none of which turned out all that well for the actor. Given that the June DUI marks the second in six months, TMZ states Koechner could potentially end up doing jail time.