Gleycy Correia, Former Miss Brazil, Dead at 27 After Routine Surgery

by Shelby Scott

When former Miss Brazil Gleycy Correia underwent a routine tonsil surgery in March, the people closest to her never suspected the procedure could be fatal. However, at just 27 years old, Correia suffered a brain hemorrhage, followed by a heart attack days after the procedure. Since then, the Brazilian pageant queen remained in a coma, with no proof of neurological activity. On Monday, she passed away.

Per the New York Post, Gleycy Correia’s family priest, Lidiane Alves Oliveira, shared the details of the pageant queen’s demise.

“[Gleycy] had surgery to remove her tonsils [in late March],” the priest told the Mirror, “and after five days at home, she had a hemorrhage. She went to [the local hospital] Unimed and had a cardiac arrest on April 4.”

Since then, he said, “she was in a coma, with no neurological activity, and today she passed away.”

Another of the family’s religious consultants, who is also a family friend, Pastor Jak Abreu, shared his condolences following Correia’s passing.

“God chose this day to collect our princess. We know that she will be greatly missed, but she will now be brightening the sky with her smile.”

Additionally, Abreu said the family believes medical malpractice led to their daughter’s death. However, the New York Post could not say whether or not they plan to pursue legal action against the practitioner. As of now, the outlet also stated the results of the autopsy are pending.

Gleycy Correia Endured Poverty Before Being Crowned Miss Brazil

The events leading to Gleycy Correia’s death are tragic. However, what makes them even more disheartening is the long journey she endured to become the success she was at the time of her death.

According to the news outlet, per The Sun, Correia was raised in poverty in Brazil. The beauty queen attained her first job at just 8 years old. At the time, she worked as a manicurist at a local salon. Additionally, the pageant star was very open about her humble beginnings. She often spoke about her growth on Instagram which, before her death, boasted 52,000 followers.

Previously Correia wrote, “I really wasn’t born in a golden cradle, I’m from a very humble family, but I’m so proud of it, really proud.”

After finding work in her youth, the former Miss Brazil began entering local beauty contests. Slowly working her way toward the top, the outlet states Correia became Miss Brazil in 2018 at 23 years old.

Correia, following her nomination as Miss Brazil 2018, continued work in the beauty industry. She was both a practiced model and beautician, who the New York Post states specialized in permanent makeup.

Following her March hemorrhage and April heart attack, Correia’s family took over her Instagram page.