Goldie Hawn Speaks Out About Mental Health ‘Problem’ in America: ‘Our Kids Need Help’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images)

The 21st century has given rise to greater recognition of mental health problems in America. And now, following the COVID-19 pandemic, actress and MindUP founder Goldie Hawn is speaking out about the ways her foundation works to confront these problems. She also emphasized that children in the U.S. need help.

The above clip features Goldie Hawn on a segment of Fox News Digital. There, she took a moment to describe the mental health crisis in America. She also detailed how the knowledge and awareness surrounding this particular topic has grown over the last two decades.

She specified that since the start of the pandemic, people have become more aware of problems with mental health.

“We’re seeing more symptoms and I think people are really looking at this as a real problem,” Hawn continued. That said, MindUP has become especially important amid the current crisis. However, the actress further shared that she actually ignited her organization 20 years ago.

“Those were problematic times,” she insisted. As far as “our children, there was a rise in suicide, there was children who were getting on psychotropic, they had ADHD, they had anxiety.”

However, unlike now, “no one was really looking at it as a problem until we reached a place where we were no longer able to cope.”

Fortunately, however, Goldie Hawn said many more Americans are aware that “our kids need help.”

She detailed their needs including coping tools, a greater understanding of their own psychology, and a need for greater awareness.

Most importantly though, she insisted, “They have to know about their brain so they know they can have agency over their thoughts, over their emotions.”

In doing so, the actress claims they’ll be able to have a fuller understanding of their thought process.

Goldie Hawn Details How MindUP Navigates Mental Health

Goldie Hawn has become an advocate for improved mental health over the years. But, she also spent time during the segment detailing how her organization, MindUP, works. The actress shared how parents can work with children to teach them about things like anxiety.

As Hawn states in the video, MindUP boasts its own website. There, teachers, parents, families, etc. can find different methods and practices for teaching children about their mental health. The program not only employs doctors, but also breath experts.

When asked about how she thinks parents should approach mental health with their children, Goldie Hawn said, “I would say work as a family, listen to you children, don’t speak over them.”

In addition, the actress’s health organization provides exercises for parents themselves to learn how the brain works.

“There’s things to learn about how to help your child self-regulate really, and understand that there’s a way for them to find hope and come out of these anxieties.” She also stressed the importance for parents to help their children realize emotions are temporary.