‘Goodfellas’ Star Paul Sorvino’s Wife Dee Dee, Other Stars Honor Him at Celebration of Life

by Alex Falls

Last month, the entertainment world lost a heavyweight personality when Paul Sorvino passed away due to natural causes. The late actor’s life was celebrated Wednesday night during a memorial at the Hollywood Museum.

Some of Sorvino’s friends and family spoke to Fox News after the memorial service to further honor Sorvino’s life. His wife, Dee Dee Sorvino addressed the kind of man she remembers her husband as.

“When I say Renaissance man, I mean it because he was a great sculptor, a great painter,” Dee Dee said. “You know, and then there was that acting thing that he did so well. Singer. I mean, we would go out to dinner, and he’d always just burst out in song and make everyone so happy. And that’s what he always wanted to do.”

Dee Dee said her husband always wanted to make people happy, and that was why the event was a “celebration of life” instead of a “sad affair.”

“But he wanted people to be happy even now, during life and after death,” Dee Dee said. “Paul was the ultimate movie star, the ultimate Renaissance man performer, but ultimately the best human being that’s ever walked this Earth.”

Dee Dee also took the chance to describe how she first met Paul Sorvino. She said they were both on the set of the Neil Cavuto show when she accidentally took his seat.

“Then I came into the green room and he started stalking me,” Dee Dee said. “And it worked because at Fox you go next door to Del Friscos. He said, ‘Let’s get a drink. Oh, well, maybe let’s get dinner.’ And then, you know, then we got married.”

Sorvino’s Celebration of Life

Sorvino was a highly-recognizable actor. Probably best remembered for his role as Big Paulie in Martin Scorsese’s seminal gangster flick Goodfellas. Dee Dee said Sorvino loved being a part of that legacy. They would frequently go out to restaurants and encounter fans who wanted to pay tribute to the actor.

“They’d run to the CVS, they’d have the garlic there with a razor blade, and they would think they were so original with that. And it happened like once a month,” Dee Dee said. “But Paul said because they felt like they knew Big Paulie, you know, and they were familiar with him. They loved him like Big Paulie, Uncle Paulie. It made him very happy that people felt like they knew him.”

Actor Joe Mantegna was also present to honor his friend at the celebration of life. Mantegna said his fondest memory of Sorvino was when the actor would come into his wife’s restaurant and sing. He called it “free entertainment.”

“He was so much more than what the public, you know, may have known him best for,” Mantegna said. “And I think that’s important. So, I think just the fact that he was just, you know, everybody knew him as the actor that he was. But there was so much more to him.”