Guy Fieri Is Pulling the Most Old School Parenting Move on His Son Before He Can Buy a Car

by Tia Bailey

Restaurateur Guy Fieri recently made headlines because of his parenting advice. He shared his rule for when his son can buy a car.

Guy Fieri is very well-known in the culinary world. ‘Flavortown’ is loved by all. However, he recently took a step away from talking about food to talking about being a parent. He shared his rule with PEOPLE.

“You know what Ryder drove to school [when] he got his license? He got my parents’ old, used 259,000-mile Chrysler minivan,” he said. “I’m not buying Ryder a car, and I refuse to let him buy a car until he spends one year with no tickets, no accidents, driving the minivan.”

He said that this is a “rite of passage” for his kids.

“Show me that you can spend a year driving the car, not getting any dents, not getting any wrecks, not getting any tickets. Prove that you’ve got it all together. Then you can take your own money out of the bank and go buy a car. I want the boys to be self-sufficient,” he shared.

“I’m glad that Ryder is driving the minivan,” he said. “It’s a great lesson for him.”

The publication shared the article on Twitter. Some praised Guy Fieri for the rule, while others thought it was funny. One Twitter user replied: “Way to go mom and dad. That mini-van is probably the safest car around!” Another jokingly quote-tweeted the article with: “Sure. Give a teenage boy a minivan–what can go wrong? LOL”

Guy Fieri has a new show on Food Network, Guy’s Ultimate Game Night. The game show features “Famous Hollywood guests who will compete in games and trivia related to food.” The second episode of the show, titled “Greetings from Flavortown,” premieres tonight.

Guy Fieri Teams Up with The Pioneer Woman

Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, and Guy Fieri teamed up for a new competition cooking show. Although Guy Fieri is definitely in on the show, he isn’t a host or judge — he will primarily be working off-screen.

Drummond spoke about the amateur contestants on the show.

“As a home cook myself,” Drummond said. “I’m impressed by their resourcefulness and ingenuity as they plan, shop and prepare their incredible dishes.”

The show, Big Bad Budget Battle, follows “three cooks as they shop on a budget to make an inexpensive and delicious dish.”

The sixth episode of the show, titled “Pantry Pioneers,” premieres next week on Food Network.

The show premiered early August. Guy Fieri had tweeted a video to promote it, writing: “Big Bad Budget Battle with my sista @thepioneerwoman premieres TONIGHT on @FoodNetwork and is streaming on @discoveryplus!! Don’t miss it!”

The show has been a success, with Google citing that 85% of audiences enjoy it.