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Halyna Hutchins’ Family Responds to Alec Baldwin’s Involuntary Manslaughter Charges

by Samantha Whidden
Alec Baldwin Rust
(Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

As the world continues to react to the news of Alec Baldwin receiving involuntary manslaughter charges for fatally shooting Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust, the cinematographer’s family has issued a statement about the announcement. 

Attorney Brian J. Parish, on behalf of the Hutchins family, released the statement thanking Santa Fe Sheriff and the District Attorney for concluding their investigation and determining that charges for involuntary manslaughter are warranted for Halyna’s death. 

“Our independent investigation also supports that charges are warranted,” the statement reads. “It is a comfort to the family that, in New Mexico, no one is above the law.”

The Hutchins family also said they support the charges and will fully cooperate with the prosecution. “[We] hope the justice system works to protect the public and hold accruable those who break the law.” 

Prior to the Hutchins Family releasing their statement, Alec Baldwin’s attorney spoke out. He stated that the decision represents a terrible miscarriage of justice. “Mr. Baldwin had no reason to believe there was a live bullet in the gun – or anywhere on the movie set,” the attorney declared. He also said that Baldwin relied on professionals who had assured him the gun did not have live rounds. 

Alec Baldwin and his legal team are planning to fight the charges. The armorer employed on the Rust set, Hannah Gutierrez Reed, is also facing charges for her involvement in the accident.

Baldwin was reportedly charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of the western film Rust in 2021. He fired a shot from a gun he thought was a prop and the incident resulted in Hutchins’ accidental death and the injury of the film’s director Joel Souza. 

District Attorney Says Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ Had a ‘Really Fast and Loose Set’

New Mexico First Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies, who announced Alec Baldwin’s involuntary manslaughter charges, revealed more details about the Rust set and how it was run. 

Carmack-Altwies told CNN there were a number of “contributing factors” in the decision to charge Baldwin. This included a lack of safety and safety standards on the set. “There were live rounds on set,” she confirmed. “They were mixed in with regular dummy rounds.”

“Nobody was checking those, or least they were checking them consistently,” Carmack-Altwies further explained. “And then they somehow got loaded into a gun, handed off to Alec Baldwin.”

Carmack-Altwies then said that Baldwin didn’t check the gun before pointing the gun at Hutchins and pulling the trigger. This was a really fast and loose set and… nobody was doing their job.” 

Carmack-Altwies also told CNN that the case is really about justice for Halyna Hutchins. “An actor doesn’t get a free pass just because they’re an actor,” she added.