LOOK: ‘Happy Days’ Henry Winkler Enjoys Lunch With a ‘Jackass’ Star

by Craig Garrett

Happy Days and Barry star Henry Winkler recently broke bread with one of the newest members of the Jackass cast. The classic tv icon had lunch with Compston “Dark Shark” Wilson. Compston was introduced to the Jackass franchise in their latest movie. Henry shared a picture from the “great lunch” on his official Twitter.

The image shows Henry Winkler and Compston sitting at a table. The two have their arms slung around each other’s shoulders, grinning. Both actors give the signature Fonzie thumbs up.

It was just last year that the Jackass crew stumbled while paying homage to Henry Winkler. A shark bit Sean McInerney’s (a.k.a. Poopies) hand during Discovery’s Jackass Shark Week Special. The guys had already pulled off several daring acts without sustaining an injury, so they decided to go even further: literally “jump the shark,” inspired by a scene in which Fonzie is dragged by a jet ski and then leaps over a shark-filled pool on Happy Days.

Steve-O and Chris Pontius were watching as McInerney ascended a ramp before plunging into the water to swim with the hazardous sharks. A shark attacked McInerney as soon as he jumped into the water, biting his hand. Fortunately, the prankster returned to the boat, where his bleeding limb was tied in a tourniquet. McInerney wasn’t made at the sharks over the incident. I knew there was a chance I was gonna get bit by a shark, but I didn’t think it was gonna happen,” he said. “I don’t blame the sharks at all.” The Jackass star noted he was on the animal’s home turf. “I was in their living room, and it was dinnertime.”

Henry Winkler is fine with the Jump the Shark moment

Of course, decades later, the scene and phrase “Jump the Shark” has become synonymous with a moment that marks a show falling into irreversible decline. “Are you aware of the phrase ‘Jump the Shark’ and its meaning in pop culture?” Rich Eisen recently asked Winkler. The Scream actor doesn’t seem to mind at all and takes it in stride. “Every time they mentioned [Jump the Shark], it was in the newspaper. They had a picture of me water skiing at that time. I had great legs so I didn’t care for one minute,” Henry Winkler grinned. “We were number one for five years after that! What did I care there was a phrase,” he concluded.

Despite playing such a prolific character like the Fonz on Happy Days for 11 seasons, Winkler continues to play a variety of roles. Many know Winkler first from his roles on more recent shows like Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development and Children’s Hospital. Currently, Henry Winkler is enjoying incredible success playing disgruntled acting instructor Gene Cousineau on HBO’s dramedy Barry. Winkler won his first Primetime Emmy for his portrayal in the Bill Hader series.