‘Happy Days’ Icon Henry Winkler Reacts To Steve Martin’s Viral Banjo Video

by Megan Molseed

Happy Days star Henry Winkler is sharing some musical good morning wishes this weekend. These good wishes come as the classic TV star reacts to Steve Martin’s viral video featuring the Only Murders In The Building star strumming away on his banjo.

“GOOD MORNING,” Henry Winkler announces in his Saturday morning tweet. The post includes a retweeted clip of Steve Martin entertaining his fans with some banjo tunes from Martin’s own Twitter account.

“A little summer banjo,” Steve Martin says in his own tweet which was posted early Friday.

“Here’s a little ditty written by Alison Brown and me,” the actor, comedian, and musician says. “Foggy Morning Breaking.”

Henry Winkler Recounts His Awkward Encounter With Rolling Stones Front Man

Henry Winkler may have found massive success starring as “The Fonz” in the iconic TV series, Happy Days. However, he’s quick to note that he still gets excited when he spots a celebrity. Despite the obvious star power behind his own name. Recently, Winkler recounted one uncomfortable moment after feeling that “starstruck” feeling when he spotted one of his all-time favorite artists, Mick Jagger in a restaurant.

Recently, the Happy Days star made an appearance on the popular night-time talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! And, during this visit, Winkler discussed fame with guest-host Anthony Anderson.

The entire conversation started as Anderson was excited that Henry Winkler knew who he was. This led Anderson to ask the star if he ever had a moment where he was excited to meet another celebrity. As it turns out, Winkler has found himself in the middle of a fan-boy moment. And, it was a very humbling encounter, the star recalls. One that involves the iconic rocker Mick Jagger and a Sushi restaurant.

Even Big-Time Celebrities Like ‘The Fonz’ Can Get Tongue Tied From Time To Time

During his hilarious conversation with former Law & Order star Anthony Anderson Henry Winkler recounts the moment that he spotted Mick Jagger just a few tables away from him in a sushi restaurant.

“I was in a restaurant,” Winkler relates.

“And I walked up to Mick Jagger and I said, ‘Hello, I’m Henry Winkler, and I have all of your albums,'” the star continues of the humbling fan moment. This introduction, Winkler tells Anderson, soon got very uncomfortable, very quickly.

As Winkler is still stumbling over his initial comments, Jagger simply gives the Happy Days star a side-eye glance, while simply acknowledging his name. “Henry,” the iconic rocker says before promptly returning to his meal.

“I slunk out of the restaurant,” Winkler laughs. He then tells Anderson that he was able to utter a few more words as he walked away.

“’I am so sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you,'” he remembers telling Jagger. “‘Enjoy the sushi. It was such a pleasure. I love your outfit.’”