‘Happy Days’ Icon Ron Howard Captures Sweet Moment With His Wife, Granddaughter Wearing Matching Shirts

by Shelby Scott

Happy Days” star Ron Howard is having quite a happy day of his own, spending time with his wife Cheryl and his sweet granddaughter. The actor’s new Instagram post captures the blonde-haired little girl and her grandma wearing matching Chewbacca T-shirts. Check it out.

“Chery & granddaughter share matching #Chewbacca T-shirts,” the “Happy Days” star captioned his post. Howard added, “And Sunday morning hair styles #MessyHairDon’tCare.”

The trio seems to be enjoying a quaint breakfast outside. The bright green of a nearby tree and the blue sky clearly reflect in the window. Ron Howard’s granddaughter draws plenty of loving comments from “Happy Days” fans, the girl’s bright yellow curls and innocent expression completely full of love.

“Such a cutie!” one of the “Happy Days” star’s followers wrote. Another said, “What a great pic!! I’m just loving how she’s looking up with such love!!”

Other comments complimented Ron Howard’s choice of breakfast venue, while others complimented his family’s bright purple shirts. “Great breakfast choice as well Grandpa!”

“I need one of those t-shirts,” one follower said.

All in all, no matter how the rest of the “Happy Days” actor’s Sunday went, it seems as though Ron Howard and his wife had a fun, relaxing morning.

‘Happy Days’ Ron Howard Begins Work on New Comedy Pilot

We hope Ron Howard made the most of his family time this Sunday because, shortly, the “Happy Days” icon will become steeped in his work for an all-new HBO Max comedy pilot. While Howard is highly regarded as an actor, he also boasts experience as a writer, director, and producer.

Howard’s latest project is entitled “Wild Life,” and stars longtime actress Izabella Alvarez. Alvarez is set to portray Marta who portrays Maddy in an on-screen play.

However, that’s not all. In addition to grandpa duties and Sunday brunches, Howard also has plans in the works for new shows and projects. In addition to “Wild Life,” the “Happy Days” star is also in the midst of creating a film called “13 Lives.”

While “Wild Life” will follow a group of high school teens as they navigate their own individual personal problems, “13 Lives” promises to be much grittier.

The upcoming film is based on a terrifying story, following a soccer team and their coach as they become trapped in a network of flooding underground caves.

Overall, Ron Howard’s upcoming projects differ drastically from the work he was known for while starring in “Happy Days.” The 1970s sitcom, set in Milwaukee in the mid-20th century, follows the Cunningham family in an idealized version of post-war America, following the Second World War. The classic TV show also stars Henry Winkler as the iconic Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli.