‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard Makes Huge Move With His Production Company

by Sean Griffin

Brian Grazer and Happy Days star Ron Howard have been partners for a while.

They founded their production company in 1985. They named it Imagine Entertainment. Over the years, Imagine has produced dozens of successful films and TV shows. They include Friday Night Lights, 8 Mile, and J. Edgar. Imagine has produced award-winning shows. These include 24, Felicity, and The PJs.

Clearly, Ron Howard has achieved huge feats in America. However, his production company just made a few big moves. These moves will help him create on an international scale. Variety reports that Imagine Entertainment is beefing up. They’re adding to their talent programs in the Asian and Pacific regions.

First, Ron Howard’s company adds the third edition of Impact Australia. Impact Australia is a screenwriter event. So, the event hopes to accelerate the careers of screenwriters. Impact Australia will operate an eight-week program starting in September. Secondly, they’re adding the first edition of Emerge. Emerge is a 20-week development program. It aims to increase and improve premium Taiwanese TV series.

In the article, Variety states Impact Australia’s goal. “Its aim is to discover, cultivate and empower diverse Australian screenwriters.” The goal is to accelerate projects to be pitch-ready. The program wants products pitch-ready for producers. They continue. “Participating screenwriters will be mentored by industry-leading screenwriters.”

Then, the goal in Taiwan is similar. “In Taiwan, Emerge is intended to guide Taiwanese writers, directors and producers to develop Chinese-language original TV series with global appeal.” The program’s participants also receive hands-on guidance from seasoned producers in Asia and Hollywood.

Let’s dive deeper into Ron Howard’s new programs.

Ron Howard’s New Programs

Grazer and Howard founded Impact Australia. It is led by CEO Tyler Mitchell. Gentle Giant Media delivers the event. Australian state and territory screen agencies support the event. Impact Australia takes place at the University of Melbourne. It occurs on the Southbank campus.

Nineteen projects were developed in the program’s initial two years. Since then, almost all the 23 alumni writers have signed with representation. For instance, Imagine recently produced Thirteen Lives in Australia. Thirteen Lives focuses on the 2018 Thai cave rescue.

Similarly, Emerge has made a huge impact for hopeful producers. It receives funding from the TAICCA.

Ron Howard and Brian Grazer also released a joint statement. Their statement touches on their new partnerships. “We believe that creative collaboration can thrive when we share and learn from each other.” They go on to say they look forward to working with participants. So, they want to “help them craft their stories for the local market and globally.” Thus, Howard expresses his desire to help people tell stories far and wide.

In other news, Howard talked about advice he would give his younger self. In the article, Howard speaks about not being intimidated by fear. Then, he advises not to be scared in the workplace. He speaks about the importance of taking chances.