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‘Happy Days’ Star Ron Howard Reveals He’s Open to Acting Again… But There’s a Catch

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images)

People might want to see Ron Howard back in front of the camera again soon but we know there’s a catch to him doing it again. What type of catch? Simply put, it would take a family member to make the Happy Days star act yet again. How would this all work out? It probably would take some time and a little encouragement from this person.

Howard talked about it in an appearance on Variety‘s Awards Circuit podcast this week. Howard, 68, said that while he has not acted in years besides his role as narrator on Arrested Development, his actress/director daughter Bryce Dallas-Howard “probably” could get Ron back in an on-screen role.

Ron Howard Would Need Family Member Asking For Him To Go In Front Of The Camera

“It would probably be Bryce,” Ron Howard said. “It would probably be Bryce directing something and saying, ‘Dad, I really need you to come in and do this,’ or ‘You have to.’ Either of those would probably get me in the makeup chair and in front of the camera.” But he said that an appearance that he makes really would have to be the perfect fit for his daughter, 41, PEOPLE reports.

“She’s very astute and meticulous, so unless I’m right for something, absolutely right, it ain’t happening,” Howard said of Bryce. In recent years, she’s directed episodes of Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Right now, she’s directing the upcoming Flight of the Navigator reboot.

Here’s a question. Would she really require her father, who has been around the entertainment industry for decades, to audition for her? Ron Howard said, “I’m sure there’d be an audition involved. I’d be a little disappointed if she didn’t [make me audition].”

Besides talking about making an on-screen appearance with Bryce, Howard, who played Opie Taylor as a kid on The Andy Griffith Show, said “people were skeptical” when he tried making the jump from acting to directing in the first place.

“Actors would direct once in a while — Paul Newman directed something, Jack Lemmon directed something, but they wouldn’t commit themselves to it,” Howard said. “People certainly didn’t come from TV sitcoms, and they certainly hadn’t been child actors who would then make this their career. I can understand their skepticism, but it frustrated me.

“Right around the time that I broke through Alan Alda was also beginning to direct. … Rob Reiner did, Eddie Marshall, so soon the sitcom vets were making their mark,” Howard said. Ron Howard has had his fair share of winning movies over the years.