Harrison Ford Asked Steven Spielberg To Change This Legendary ‘Indiana Jones’ Scene

by Chris Piner

Being a leading man in Hollywood for the past few decades, it should come as no surprise that actor Harrison Ford is worth almost $300 million. Throughout his career on the silver screen, Ford has worked alongside some of the greatest actors and directors in the movie industry. Looking at the worldwide box office, the actor’s movies have grossed a staggering $9.3 billion. The movie that launched Harrison Ford into stardom came thanks to George Lucas and his science fiction fantasy Star Wars. But while he worked with Lucas, another historic director was eyeing him for the lead role as Indiana Jones. 

Watching the star power behind Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, known for Jaws and E.T., saw something special in the actor, and not long after, he donned the iconic hat and whip. 

Americans got their first glimpse at Indiana Jones back in 1981. And since then, the franchise has grown to a total of five movies. The latest film comes out in 2023.

Harrison Forward Admits To Changing Scene

Having earned such significant roles over the years, Harrison Ford once detailed what it was like to work with iconic directors like Lucas and Spielberg. While not stepping on their toes, the actor admitted to one famous scene that happened all thanks to him. In an old interview with Terry Wogan, Ford explained the scene where he shot a bad guy instead of fighting him. 

The actor said, “We had been rehearsing a fight scene the night before that was meant to take three days to film. The poor stunt man had been working for months and months to perfect all of the little gags that we were going to do in this big fight.”

Knowing the story, Harrison Ford explained how he thought the fight scene was taking away from the story. “But I was afraid, looking at the story as a whole, was that we were going to lose sight of our objective, which was to find Marian, find the girl. We had done a fight scene the day before where I fought off five or six guys and then ran after Marian, that was being dragged on.”

What Steven Spielberg Had To Say

With Steven Spielberg already known around Hollywood for Poltergeist and The Goonies, Ford surprisingly didn’t hesitate. “So I thought it was wrong to shoot another big fight scene that I thought we would lose sight of, the audience would lose focus on Marian and keeping the story moving forward. So I suggested to Steven that we just shoot him, and he said, ‘I was just thinking that’.”

Thanks to Harrison Ford and his simple suggestion, the scene has become one of the most beloved in the series.