Harrison Ford Believes He’s Never Made an ‘Action Film’

by Chris Piner

Although 80 years old, Hollywood icon Harrison Ford continues to act in major blockbuster films. Just in the last few years, he reprised his role as Hon Solo in the Star Wars franchise now in possession of the Walt Disney company. And in 2023, fans of the popular Indiana Jones series will see him as the famous adventurer one last time. In total, Harrison Ford’s films grossed over $5.4 billion. And that is just in North America alone. Looking worldwide, that number climbs to over $9 billion. But while Ford has acted in numerous memorable films, according to the celebrity, he never made an action movie. 

When considering what makes an action movie an action movie, some might point to examples like Terminator, Last Action Hero, Robocop, and even Predator. But while Harrison Ford acted in films like Air Force One and The Fugitive, those aren’t action movies. 

Harrison Ford Discusses Air Force One

Sitting down with Vanity Fair to discuss his life in Hollywood and the characters he helped shape over the years, the A-lister said, “I never considered myself to be an action film actor. There was action in the films that I was involved in, but they weren’t specifically, fairly described as ‘action films.'” 

Again, just a few minutes of watching Air Force One might give the audience a different perspective. Still, Harrison Ford continued, “I did Jack Ryan movies, which had action in them. ‘Air Force One’ was an ‘action’ film… Rather than just being based and founded on a belief in kinetic activity being sufficient to build a movie around, they had a story. They had a plot, they had characters, they had conflict. So I didn’t consider them action films.”

Looking past his time as the fictional President, it is hard to deny Indiana Jones not being an action film. Already having four films in the franchise, Harrison Ford has fought Nazis, aliens, and a voodoo priest. Each film came with its own set of demanding tasks as Jones not only saved himself but sometimes the entire world. 

Star War And The Fugitive, But No Action Films

Searching through Harrison Ford’s career in Hollywood, dating back to 1966, the actors stood alongside Mark Hamill and the late Carrie Fisher in Star Wars. There might not have been much hand-to-hand combat, but when it came to saving the galaxy and looking good while doing it, there was no one better than Ford’s portrayal of Han Solo. 

So while fans of Harrison Ford might disagree, according to the actor himself, he never took a role in an action film. But taking a glance at the poster for The Fugitive, it shows the actor running from a derailed train. The tag line read, “A murdered wife. A one-armed man. An obsessed detective. The chase begins.”