Henry Winkler Shares Behind-the-Scenes Photo From First Day Back on ‘Barry’ Set

by Tia Bailey

Fans of the black comedy series “Barry” were given a surprise in the form of a selfie today. Actor/comedian Henry Winkler shared a photo confirming that the show is coming back for Season 4.

“Barry” follows Barry Berkman (Bill Hader), a veteran who works as a hitman. When he travels to Los Angeles for a kill, he instead finds an acting group, and discovers his own love for acting. “Starting now” he decides to change his life for the better. However, it doesn’t always work out that way for him, making the dark comedy interesting to watch.

The show first premiered 2018, and has had a 3-season run since.

This morning, Henry Winkler, who portrays Gene Cousineau, tweeted a photo from the Season 4 rehearsal. The Tweet read: “First day of rehearsal 4 th season BARRY @hbo_barry HAPPY”.

Fans of the show were excited, and some were even surprised that the show is getting another season. Twitter user @owenbphoto replied: “There’s a fourth season?! I legit assumed season 3 was the last one for obvious reasons. I don’t know how to feel about this! More of the very best character-and-story-driven dramedy I’ve ever seen, yay! But… how?! Can’t wait to find out. PS you’re awesome, dude.”

Another user was confused about the same thing, tweeting out: “I thought season three was the perfect ending of the show. I’m extremely curious to see where you guys will take it in season four. Sorry for the idiom, but I hope it doesn’t jump the shark.”

“Barry” Comes Back for Season 4 to Fans’ Surprise

Fans’ confusion about the upcoming season is valid. The Season 3 ending was “dark as hell,” according to Rolling Stone. Barry’s actions had finally caught up to him, and Gene seemed to be over Barry. According to a review in The Atlantic, “In a pivotal moment in the finale, Winkler’s face, again seen up close, manages to telegraph not just his own fear but Barry’s betrayal, too. Here, it’s Gene who holds the power—and emotionally carries the show. It’s a profound reversal for a season focused less on spotlighting its protagonist than on exploring, with meticulous attention, the effect his brutality has on those around him.”

Viewers seemed content with the Season 3 finale being the series finale. Bill Hader, who also is a co-creator of the show, was praised for his performance. A Twitter user said: “I just finished the season finale of BARRY. I’d really, really love to see Bill Hader get a chance to direct a movie.”

Although viewers are surprised that the episode did not conclude the show as a whole, everyone is anxiously awaiting the Season 4 premiere, solely to see how the writers proceed from the events of the Season 3 finale.