Henry Winkler Posts Touching Reaction to ‘Office Space’ Star Diedrich Bader’s Heartbreaking News

by Megan Molseed

Former Happy Days star Henry Winkler is sending his sympathies to fellow actor, Office Space star Diedrich Bader in the wake of some heartbreaking news. In a recent Twitter post, the classic TV sitcom legend sends his sympathies to his fellow actor after he shares the loss of his faithful companion on a recent post to the popular social media website.

Henry Winkler Sends His Condolences To Fellow Actor, Diedrich Bader, After A Devastating Loss

In a recent Twitter post, the Third Rock From the Sun actor, Diedrich Bader shares with his followers the loss of his canine companion. In his message, Bader says goodbye to the “good boy”. A furry buddy that the actor says is the “absolute sweetest soul.”

“This little guy died in my arms tonight from liver cancer,” Diedrich Bader shares in his Twitter post.

“The only dog I’ve ever known to kiss other dogs,” the Office Space star continues.

“He was the absolute sweetest soul,” the actor adds. “And a lovey and such a good good boy.”

Not long after Diedrich Bader shares his sad news, Winkler responds to the post. Offering his sympathies for the actor’s heartbreaking loss.

“To the Bader @bader_diedrich family,” Henry Winkler shares in his message to the Bader family.

“all of our sympathy,” the Barry star continues.

“we understand what you are going through,” Winkler continues. “We are so sorry”

Henry Winkler Tries Out Another Social Media Platform When Granddaughter, India, Convinces The Star To Make His First TikTok Video

Henry Winkler recently made his debut on the popular social media site, TikTok. This TikTok video was posted to Winkler’s own account. An account, the star says, he only started at the behest of his granddaughter, India.

“I am only a TikTok star because my granddaughter India said, ‘Papa, you have to make a video.’” the star quips. Winkler’s other granddaughter, Lulu joined in on the fun, choosing the music Winkler would be dancing to in the video. However, papa Winkler had a few stipulations.

“We threw a lot of songs out because I said, ‘I cannot have the word f–k in the music,’” the Happy Days star says.

 “That’s it, I don’t have a lot of requests but that’s one of them,” Winkler explains.

“So we had to go through a lot of songs,” the actor adds. “Then we did it and boom.”

This TikTok video features Henry Winkler dancing with his two granddaughters along with the star’s grandson, Ace. The selected soundtrack for the video has the four TikTokers dancing and swaying to the Pussy Cat Dolls’ song When I Grow Up. With videos such as this one, it’s easy to see how the star has one million followers on his account already!