Henry Winkler Shows Off Stunning Rainbow Trout in Recent Fishing Excursion in Idaho

by Samantha Whidden

While enjoying much-needed relaxation on the water, “Barry” star Henry Winkler takes to Twitter to show off a rainbow trout he caught in Idaho.

“Good morning on this Tuesday!” Henry Winkler shared in the post’s caption. The snap features him smiling ear-to-ear while holding the rainbow trout. 

Followers of Henry Winkler praised him for catching the fish. “I love to see that giant smile, my friend!” One follower declared. Another friend noted, “The joy here. So good.”

The latest fishing trip comes just after Henry Winkler announced he caught his first brown trout of the year. 

Henry Winkler States the ‘Barry’ Season Finale Was ‘Jaw-Dropping’

During a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Henry Winkler spoke about how “Barry” continues to leave fans speechless. “ felt the same way, because I watched it just the other night in order to talk to you. I never see them before Sunday. It’s stunning. It was jaw-dropping.”

When asked where “Barry” can go after the season finale, Henry Winkler declared that he had a similar thought after the first year and the second year. “And I no longer have that thought because I literally know Bill is feverishly writing away, with [producers] Liz [Sarnoff] and Duffy [Boudreau], and I just know that it will be amazing. They will take us to a place where you think, “Oh, well, of course, this is now going to happen.” And then, of course, it goes in a different direction.”

Henry Winkler then spoke about how the “Barry” characters can move forward after the latest season. “After the first season, which was wonderful and we got wonderful comments and stuff, I read the second season and I said, ‘Could I meet with you guys?’ I said, ‘Listen, I am not complaining. I understand this show is an amazing gift. But I don’t recognize Gene from season 1 to now. I mean, you might as well call him Bob—he’s a different guy.’ And the comment was, ‘We hear you. We will address it, but we will not repeat ourselves.’”

Henry Winkler went on to discuss his big scene with Robert Ray Wisdom’s character, Jim Moss. He stated that he never met the actor before, but it was like he was acting with an old friend. “And then, I had no idea, because when I showed up in the morning, that garage was full. That garage looked like a garage! And when I went to get makeup and changed into my costume, I came back and it was empty. Then, on top of that, it was all one shot, on this incredible crane. You either went from 0 to 60 or you went home.”

In regards to whether or not his character Gene could forgive Barry, Henry Winkler added, “To tell you the honest truth, I don’t think so. Gene, I’m sure could somehow rationalize, “He was doing his work, he was led astray.” But he ripped the love of my life out of my ventricle. I think there’s no going back from there.”