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Henry Winkler’s Twitter Gaffe Leaves Pittsburgh Natives Fuming

by Craig Garrett
Henry Winkler
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Critics Choice Association)

Maybe it was just a typo, but a recent Tweet from Henry Winkler had a lot of citizens of Pittsburgh up in arms. The Happy Days legend ran into trouble while visiting a quaint diner. The 77-year-old shared an image of the coffee cup he’d used at Pittsburgh’s famous Italian cafe, DiAnoia’s Eatery. While the picture was fine, the caption got him in trouble with The Steel City.

“PITTSBURG!!! What a great meal!!!”, he wrote alongside a picture of a clearly used mug with the DiAnoia’s Eatery logo on it. Though Winkler’s heart (and stomach) were in the right place, his spelling wasn’t. Of course, the Barry star left the “h” off the end of Pittsburgh. Citizens of the Steel City that noticed the gaffe spared no quarter for the beloved actor.

Henry Winkler was not prepared for the Twitter onslaught he endured at the hands of Pittsburgh

“Ah…it’s Pittsburgh,” one enraged fan tweeted at Winkler. “No H you must be in Kansas,” another fan quipped. “Henry I love you but it’s PITTSBURGH!!,” a diplomatic yet surely enraged Steel City lover wrote. One Twitter user couldn’t believe the merciless onslaught Winkler was suffering due to the typo. “Oyyy! I had to scroll through comments to see how much “(h)ELL” you were going to get about the…H.”

“Pittsburgh. John Hein is from Pittsburgh,” another fan wrote. This was particularly vicious since John Hein is a radio personality that helped coin the phrase “Jump the Shark”. That phrase refers to an infamous scene on Happy Days in which Winkler’s the Fonz literally jumps over a shark in water skis. It has come to embody a decline in something in pop culture that was once great. Another Twitter user recognized the brutal tweet, replying: “Hit ‘em with the HEEEIINNN!!!!!”

Finally, a Tweet brought a beleaguered Winkler to his knees. “H, don’t forget the h. Thanks, The ‘Burgh,” a fan wrote. Hoping to appease his critics, Winkler relented. “I forgot the H indeed in Pittsburgh,” the Arrested Development star tweeted.

So why was Winkler in Pittsburg? Ahem. Pittsburgh?

Henry Winkler isn’t just in Pittsburgh to visit local eateries. He’s in town for the “World of Wheels” auto show. This weekend, the traveling custom car show is making its 62nd visit to Pittsburgh. This event has already made stops in Chicago, Dallas, and Detroit. Fan favorites Winkler, Cindy Williams, Mackenzie Phillips, Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider, and three-time Funny Car champion Robert Hight will be on hand to sign autographs and meet fans at the event. Jeff Lutz from Discovery’s Street Outlaws will also attend.

While he’s an icon for Happy Days, many know Winkler first from his roles on more recent shows like Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development, and Children’s Hospital. Of course, Henry Winkler continues to have incredible success playing disgruntled acting instructor Gene Cousineau on HBO’s dramedy Barry. Winkler earned another Emmy nomination for the role in 2022.