Here’s Why Dave Chappelle’s Latest Show in Minneapolis Was Canceled

by Emily Morgan

A venue in Minneapolis canceled Dave Chappelle’s sold-out show hours before the well-known comedian was set to hit the stage.

According to First Avenue, a legendary theater, they canceled the event after a group threatened violence if they went along with the show.

“We know we must hold ourselves to the highest standards, and we know we let you down,” officials from the venue wrote. “We are not just a black box with people in it, and we understand that First Ave is not just a room, but meaningful beyond our walls.”

The venue also added that it “lost sight of the impact” it would have when they booked Chapelle.

Officials said that it’s also believed in giving a platform to “diverse voices and the freedom of artistic expression” to its audience.

First Avenue decided to put a kibosh on the show after a left-wing group told its supporters to “cover their faces and stay dangerous” outside the venue on Wednesday.

Later, venue officials announced they moved Chappelle’s show to the Varsity Theater. They released a statement apologizing to its’ staff, artists, and our community.’

First Avenue also recognized that “some will not agree with this decision” but encouraged frustrated fans to give them feedback. Dave Chappelle’s critics called for the show’s cancellation after the stand-up performance sold out in five minutes on Monday.

Critics call out venue for locking up phones during Dave Chappelle’s performance

Chappelle has come under fire since he released his latest Netflix special, where he poked fun at the transgender community. Via Twitter, Varsity Theater announced it would host the comedian and also revealed it would be a “phone-free experience.”

However, many slammed the new venue for this phone-free rule, saying it kept attendees from capturing the comic’s controversial takes.

“‘Phone-free experience’ aka you don’t want recordings of him going on a transphobic tirade in your venue,” one Twitter user complained. Another added: “I hope you also make a donation to a trans organization and apologize to your trans staff.”

However, many of Dave Chappelle’s fans came after the venue, saying it would only give Chappelle more material.

“I’m sure this won’t give him any new material,” one fan wrote. Someone else chimed in: “So. Prince played there and sang songs about having sex [with] his sister. But Dave tells jokes, Nooooooooooo!!!!”

Others also came after the far-left group that ignited the issue. “The fact that Dave Chappelle’s sold-out show was abruptly canceled because of militant White leftists shows you how far-reaching the new Democrat brand of white supremacy has gone,” someone else penned.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote: ‘This theater in Minneapolis booked and promoted a live show by Dave Chappelle. Activists objected, demanding they cancel it because the show “harms” them and puts them in “danger.” The theater capitulated and apologized for the “harm.” The show will now be in a different theater.”