Hilton Carter of Magnolia Network Describes Having Joanna Gaines as a Mentor

by Taylor Cunningham

Plant connoisseur and interior designer Hilton Carter has the support of Joanna Gaines to thank for his surge in popularity over the past few years. And he made sure to recognize her kindness with a special note in his most recent book.

Most home decor fans know Carter by his Instagram page, which showcases a jungle of greenery in his renovated 1915 Baltimore Tudor. The artsy, beautiful photo spread has earned him and his wife Fiona over half a million followers.

But more recently, Hilton Cater has upped his fame by joining Chip and Joanna Gaines’ new network, Magnolia. In the series Magnolia Workshops the plant guru hosts people as they work through courses that help viewers learn do-it-yourself skills such as gardening, painting, and interior decorating.

And the chance for Hilton Carter to work with the former HGTV duo came by chance when Joanna Gaines happened to place an order from a nursery he was working for a few years back.

As he shared during an exclusive interview with People, he was packing up a shipment order one day and noticed that the buyer was the one and only Joanna Gaines from Waco, Texas.

“I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s the real Joanna Gaines!’ he gushed.

Hilton Carter Impressed Joanna Gaines So Much That she Sent him a Message

But the special moment didn’t end with an order. Shortly after the reality star received her package, she messaged him on social media with praise and thanks. And from there, friendship and mentorship grew.

“I would DM Jo about random things,” he continued. “And she would always take the time to write me back because she cared about what was happening. It was someone to bounce ideas with.”

Eventually, Joanna Gaines inspired Hilton Carter to branch out on his own. And now, he’s the co-owner of his own plant shop called Green Neighbor in his hometown. He’s also the author of three books. His most recent release, Wild Creations, dropped last year. And it includes a shoutout to his friend and fan, Joanna.

But out of everything that she and her husband have done for him, he most treasures how they pushed him to be his best self. And he holds one special gift from the couple close to his chest.

“Chip and Jo sent me a sweater that said ‘Time Well Spent,’ and they hit that right on the nose,” he added. “I am finally really living life. The items in this house aren’t what make it a home—it’s the time. It’s the time well spent.”