‘Home Alone’ Star Catherine O’Hara Takes Anti-Hollywood Stance Against Plastic Surgery: ‘We Should Embrace and Respect Age’

by Samantha Whidden

Speaking out against the Hollywood norm, “Home Alone” star Catherine O’Hara encourages fellow actors to ditch plastic surgery. 

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter recently, Catherine O’Hara shared her thoughts about plastic surgery. “First of all, I’m lucky to be alive, so I don’t mind aging. I’m a freak in that I’ve never had anything done to my face. I don’t want to get surgery and I don’t want to get needles, other than acupuncture needles. I believe we should embrace and respect age and love ourselves for it.”

Along with speaking out against plastic surgery, O’Hara dished about her “Schitt’s Creek” co-stars Dan and Eugene Levy for giving her a role on the show. “I’m so grateful for that, thanks to the Levy gentleman, I’ve been able to stay in my career.”

Also speaking about reprising her role as Moira Rose, O’Hara said she knows there’s been some talk. “But Daniel always says it has to be the right idea and he’s right. It has to be worth doing. You don’t want to just take advantage of the fact that people want you to do it.”

In regards to the “Schitt’s Creek” fanbase, Catherine O’Hara noted that the show has the loveliest, kindest audience. She also said that she and the rest of the cast don’t want to let them down. “It was so much fun playing those characters and playing that family. It was a joyful experience and I had a hard time letting go of my character. She was so much more interesting than I am!”

Catherine O’Hara Encourages Fellow Actors ‘When in Doubt, Play Insane.’ 

While speaking to The New Yorker in 2019, Catherine O’Hara spoke about her approach to acting roles throughout the years. “My crutch was, in improvs: When in doubt, play insane. Because you didn’t have to excuse anything that came out of your mouth. It didn’t have to make sense.”

However, O’Hara admitted that she is bad at auditioning. “When you’re on the job, it’s so collaborative. It’s about everyone. When you’re auditioning, it’s only you. It’s so not related to what the job will be, really.”

Along with discussing her acting career, Catherine O’Hara revealed that she and her “Schitt’s Creek” co-star Eugene Levy tried dating before. “There’s nothing sexier than making each other laugh,” O’Hara explained. “I think everybody tried dating everybody.”

Although it didn’t work out between her and Levy, O’Hara admitted she’s glad it worked out the way it did. “We probably wouldn’t be working together if we’d gone longer on the dating. Really, it was, like, one or two dates. That’s it. Back then Eugene and I were never really a ‘team.’ Just somehow we’ve grown together in these years.”