‘Home Town’ Star Erin Napier Marks Two Big Firsts During Busy Week

by Taylor Cunningham

Home Town star Erin Napier is branching out with her career and marking some personal firsts while she’s at it.

The renovation guru recently wrote and released a children’s book titled The Lantern House. And she’s out promoting the story to people on the major talk shows—starting with Good Morning America yesterday (May 23).

Napier has, of course, had her fair share of nationally and internationally televised interviews since starting Home Town on HGTV. But yesterday’s chat was a bit different and unnerving for the reality star because it was the first time she’s done it solo.

As Napier admitted on Instagram, since she’s always interviewed for her renovation franchise, her husband, Ben, has always been by her side. And that makes sense because the couple co-hosts or runs the series in tandem. But he had no part in penning her book.

And on top of that, flying from Laurel, MS, to NY, New York, also marked a first. In all her life, or we assume dating and married life, she has never traveled without her other half.

Luckily, Erin Napier is more independent than she guessed, though. And she was able to sit down and talk to host George Stephanopoulos with complete ease.

‘Home Town’ Host Erin Napier Pens Children’s Book Based on Her Real Life Passion

While sitting with Stephanopoulos, she shared the story behind The Lantern House and how the published piece came to be.

The book tells the story of a living house that watches owners grow and move through the years. As Napier’s blog reads, “a young family builds a picket fence and plants flowers in its yard, children climb the magnolia tree and play the piano in the living room, and there is music inside the house for many happy years.”

“But what will happen when its windows grow dark,” it continues. “The paint starts to crumble, and its boards creak in the winter wind? The Lantern House dreams of a family who will love it again… and one day, a new story will emerge from within its walls.”

The heart of the tale comes from Erin’s love of old homes and, of course, renovations. But she and illustrator Adam Trest actually wrote the book for their daughters.

“Adam and both live in old houses and we both have two little girls,” she told People. “We just thought it would be wonderful if we wrote a book for our girls and that’s where it began.”

Erin and Ben’s home, which was built in 1925, is what The Lantern House is modeled after. And she admitted that the tear-jerker opening to UP is what inspired the tale. When it actually came time to write, Erin Napier had no trouble with her words.

“Honestly, I sat down and I wrote that in 30 minutes, the rough [draft],” she said. “It just came very easily to me to tell this story, because it’s a story that I’ve seen a million times in the work we do on Home Town.