How Elvis Presley Actually Based His Signature Look on a Superhero

by Shelby Scott

Elvis Presley, AKA the King of Rock N’ Roll, is iconic in music history for a number of reasons; from his dark, slicked-back hair and sideburns, to his signature dance moves, right on down to his iconic wardrobe, there was little about the superstar that wasn’t flashy. Elvis became famous as much for his outfits as he did for his music. However, interestingly, Elvis actually based his appearance on one DC Comics’ superhero.

Who is Captain Marvel Jr.?

Perhaps you’re thinking Superman or Batman, based on the King’s iconic capes. However, Elvis’s look is actually based on the comic book superhero Freddy Freeman, also known as Captain Marvel Jr. While ScreenRant deems Captain Marvel Jr. the “ultimate superhero fanboy,” Freeman later gains powers of his own, and makes his initial appearances in DC Comics as early as 1941.

Captain Marvel Jr., or, in reality, Freddy Freeman, differed drastically from other DC Comics heroes. Those knowledgeable about this particular superhero sidekick will recall that Freddy Freeman was actually a disabled newspaper boy. However, Billy Batson—Captain Marvel, and later Shazam—found a sidekick in Freeman, who earned the nickname “The World’s Mightiest Boy.”

Despite his irregularities, Captain Marvel Jr. influenced a lot of famous individuals, Elvis Presley most especially. As per the outlet, Captain Marvel Jr. inspired not only the King’s outfits but also his hairstyle.

As per the outlet, Elvis spent much of his childhood reading Captain Marvel Jr. comics. The superhero, who had sleek, dark hair influenced the musician’s own slicked-back dark hair and sideburns. In addition, Elvis often wore a half-cape to his shows, a signature look for the icon. As per the images in the comics, both Captain Marvel Kr. and Shazam/Captain Marvel both wore half-capes in their illustrations.

One of Elvis’s most memorable ensembles, though, was the outfit that earned him the nickname “The Blue Owl,” as the young superhero was famous for his own blue outfit.

Elvis’s Lightning Bolt Logo Saw Influence From Iconic Superhero

Another popular symbol associated with Elvis is that of the lightning bolt. Combined with his mantra and the name of his band, “Taking Care of Business,” that logo actually comes from Captain Marvel Jr. himself. The King of Rock N’ Roll even had several pieces of jewelry that boasted the superhero’s slogan. Two of which included a necklace and a ring.

Interestingly, though, it wasn’t just the DC superhero that could have influenced Elvis’s intrigue with the lightning bolt and “TCB.”

The outlet states some people believe the lightning bolt could have also been based on the insignia Elvis’s battalion bore during his army days. Others believe the popular logo could even be a reference to the West Coast Mafia.