How ‘Ozark’s Jason Bateman ‘Lost’ His Place in Hollywood Early in Career

by Leanne Stahulak

Ozark” star Jason Bateman got his start in Hollywood early, joining “Little House on the Prairie” at just 12 years old. Unfortunately, Bateman’s early years in the business would lead him to substance abuse problems later on in life.

According to Express, Bateman started partying early in his teens. The “Ozark” star explained in an interview with The Guardian that “staying at the party” for so many years led to a severe dent in his career.

“Having thought, ‘This is really fun,’ and staying at the party a little bit too long, I’d lost my place in line in the business,” Bateman explained. “It was a case of trying to claw that back towards the end of the 90s, and not getting a lot of great responses.”

While Bateman continued to act as a child in the early 80s, he lost momentum in the late 80s and early 1990s. But he pointed out that he didn’t suffer from substance abuse problems for entirely negative reasons.

“I’m kind of a hedonist. It was really more celebratory, it wasn’t really drowning out a lot of pain,” the “Ozark” star revealed to Howard Stern on his radio station SiriusXM Satellite Radio. “Because I worked so much as a little kid I made a concerted effort to play as hard as I was working and try to catch up.”

But by 2000, Bateman was beyond ready to be back in the game. “The reason it became a problem is because I wanted to start doing things that were more adult, which means you’ve got to get up a little bit early in the morning,” he said. “So I had to dial it down.”

Around this time, he started seeking help from organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous. Per Express, Bateman’s wife Amanda Anka encouraged him to look into the org. Then the “Ozark” star’s big break came in 2003 when he scored a major role on “Arrested Development.”

How ‘Arrested Development’ Changed the Course of ‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman’s Career

Landing a role in “Arrested Development” opened up several doors for “Ozark” star Jason Bateman. Not only did he star in the series for 16 years, but it solidified his comedic nature in the industry.

He went on to star in adult comedies like “King of the Hill,” “Scrubs,” and “Sit Down, Shut Up.” Bateman also made a from com circuit, appearing on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “Identity Thief,” and “Horrible Bosses.”

But by the mid-2010s, Bateman wanted to start working behind the camera as well. This led him to produce, direct, and star in “Ozark” on Netflix. Fans weren’t quite sure how to feel about the typecast Bateman in a serious role. But he more than delivered within the first episode alone. Now, he’s won multiple Emmys and received several nominations for the hit drama.