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How Vin Diesel Honored Paul Walker 9 Years After His Death

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

On November 30, 2013, Paul Walker’s friends, family, and fans received unthinkable news. The Fast & Furious star had died unexpectedly at just 40 years old when he and a friend crashed a Porsche into a concrete lamp post and two trees at around 90 mph.

It’s now been nine years since the horrific tragedy, but Walker’s fellow Fast & Furious family members are still mourning the loss. The night before the heartbreaking anniversary, Vin Diesel shared an Instagram post honoring his late friend. “Nine years later… Love you and miss you,” Diesel wrote alongside a throwback picture of himself and Walker.

Cody Walker Praises Vin Diesel’s Commitment to Honoring His Late Brother

Along with the real-life love of luxury cars held by many Fast & Furious stars, the unbreakable bond between characters on the silver screen bleeds into reality as well. In an interview with TMZ last year, Walker’s brother Cody spoke on the enduring bond between Paul and Vin Diesel specifically, praising Diesel’s unfading affection for his late sibling.

“I think Vin and the whole [Fast & Furious] family have done a good job tastefully letting the character ride off into the sunset,” he said. “I think Paul would get a real kick out of where it’s gone. It’s gotten so crazy. It’s a wild, wild ride at this point.”

“I can’t speculate what he would think,” he continued. “I just know that Vin always takes a very serious approach to keeping Paul’s legacy in mind. He’s always done a really nice job paying tribute to his character. They worked together and were brothers for years. They were all so young when this thing first started.”

Paul Walker’s On-Screen Wife Discusses Her ‘Visceral’ Grief

Though Vin Diesel is perhaps the most vocal about his grief, he’s far from the only Fast & Furious star to mourn the loss of Paul Walker to this day. Last year, Jordana Brewster, who plays Paul Walker’s on-screen wife in the franchise, revealed that his death left a void that can never be filled.

“I think when someone passes away, that has a huge impact on your life and has had a huge impact, frankly, on so many people’s lives,” Brewster told People.

Brewster’s grief “goes in waves where it’s super visceral at times. And it’s like it’s unimaginable that that person’s not with us anymore,” she explained. “It just gets very intense and then sometimes it’s less intense. But it just comes in waves, regardless of whether it’s that person’s birthday or not.”

“Every year, I have a way of honoring him on his birthday and remembering him and celebrating him,” Brewster continued. “I think that’s also part of what’s nice about when the cast is together. We do honor and celebrate him as well.”

“It’s a hard thing to talk about,” she admitted. “Sometimes it’s still unbelievable that he’s not with us.”