Howard Stern Reveals His Father, Ben, Has Died at 99

by Chris Piner

Going back to 1976, Howard Stern is described as the King of All Media. Following such a heavy title, the radio host accumulated numerous awards like the Billboards Nationally Syndicated Air Personality of the Year. He won it eight times in a row. He also had the number one radio show in both Los Angeles and New York City at the same time. Although fined over $2 million by the Federal Communications Commission, Sirius XM radio signed him for five years under a deal worth $500 million. While known for his antics and jokes, Stern recently revealed that his father, Ben Stern, passed away at 99 years old. 

Speaking with Dan’s Papers, Howard Stern dropped the news, stating, “I lost my father recently, he was 99 years old.” Not giving too many details as to why his father passed away, the host admitted to painting more after his father’s death and focusing on Corwith Barns. “Most friends express shock when seeing them. They can’t believe that I am a painter. Because I’m on the radio they assume that I do nothing else but talk and are surprised by the amount of observation and detail in my art. I’ve received great feedback, especially from people who live in the Hamptons. They say it captures something magical about this area.”

A Love For Painting

Howard Stern continued to discuss his love for painting and how he is planning a larger project. “Next up: Corwith Barns. I’ve done a bunch of smaller paintings of the barns but this one is a larger size. The barns are no longer there but I photographed them many times, and I’m doing a big painting that hopefully captures every broken board on that fading structure. Not sure how old those barns were, but I feel like painting the barns is honoring him and all those growing older and then gone.”

Although Howard Stern is the famous one in the family, his father, Ben, worked as a recording engineer. He often helped with Howard’s projects like The Howard Stern Show, Howard Stern on Demand, and U.S. Open Sores.

Howard Stern’s Father Helped With His Success

During his time on America’s Got Talent, Howard Stern recounted what his father said to him as a child, “My dad is in the audience and he would sit you down — I’m speaking for my father now — he would sit you down and say to you, ‘Look, you’re my son, but you’re a nudnik.’ Do you know what a nudnik is?”

After going back and forth, Ben told Howard Stern, “Well, look, I look at things, and after completely analyzing it, that was the answer. Don’t be stupid, you moron.”

Sharing support for Howard Stern and his family, John Melendez, known as Stuttering John on The Howard Stern Show tweeted, “R.I.P. Ben Stern. My condolences to Howard, @BethStern, Ray, & the entire Stern family. Ben was a damn nice guy, & I’m deeply sorry for your loss. #BenStern.”