Howard Stern Wants Bradley Cooper as His VP if He Runs for President in 2024

by Taylor Cunningham

Will there be a Howard Stern and Bradley Cooper presidential ticket in 2024? Stern seems to think so.

The 68-year-old SiriusXM radio host revealed his possible political aspirations just a few short days ago. And now, he’s already “locking in” a running mate, which he hopes is Cooper.

On his latest show, Stern told his listeners that he had “some exciting news” he’d like to share. And then he revealed that he’s been in some heavy texting conversations with someone he is interested in “potentially being [his] vice president.”

At first, Stern refused to give up the fact that the mystery candidate was the nine-time Oscar-nominated Silver Linings heartthrob. But he had fun building the anticipation.

Apparently, Cooper made the first move. He texted Stern to congratulate him on his announcement. And he added that he’ll vote for Stern should everything come to fruition. And once the texts started rolling, the two had “a very lovely conversation.”

Then, Howard Stern just laid it out there and asked Copper if he would be his running mate.

“You wanna know what he said?” Stern asked. “‘Done. Done.’ In other words, ‘I’m in.’ It’s exciting.”

However, Cooper stopped himself for a moment and expressed a few reservations he had about the endeavor.

“‘I’m in, but, you know, I’m another white male,'” Cooper continued. “And I said, ‘You know, I appreciate you saying that, but I believe you’d be such an asset to the ticket that I think people will understand,’ “

Howard Stern Thinks Bradley Cooper Will Appeal to the Ladies

Co-host Robin Quivers, who was more than curious at this point, asked the Private Parts writer if he put a lot of thought into his presidential teammate. And the short answer was, no. But he’s still certain the whole thing will turn out well. So he’s gonna go with it.

“I gave it almost as much consideration as I did putting my hat in the ring — almost none,” he laughed. “He was the first person I asked and he said yes so my search is over… He told me he wants in, I was shocked.”

And one of the main reasons he wants Cooper on his ticket is because he believes that the actor would “bring in the female vote like you wouldn’t believe.”

With that, he finally revealed his so-called running mate.

“My vice president [is] Vice President Bradley Cooper,” Stern said. “I know it sent chills up your spine.”

Howard Stern went on to say that Cooper would be visiting the radio show soon to confirm the story.

“I’m locking him in,” the host said confidently. “He said, ‘It’s done.’ He wants it, and he’s gonna be my vice president.”

Whether or not Bradly Cooper really wants to take a stab at helping Stern in the Oval Office, we don’t know. People reached out to the actor’s representative for comment. But so far, they have not responded.