Jack Osbourne Sounds Off on the Government Over Aliens, UFOs

by Tia Bailey

Television personality Jack Osbourne spoke out about an issue that’s important to him — UFOs. The rant comes ahead of his new special, Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: UFOs.

Osbourne appeared on TMZ Live to talk about his new Discovery+ special that revolves around extra-terrestrial beings and objects. Although there are many non-believers, Osbourne makes some convincing arguments.

“To scoff at that notion [that aliens exist] is incredibly ignorant,” Osbourne said. “To be like, ‘Oh, it’s aliens, why do you care,’ like no, this is important. And in the last five years, I just think we’re in the middle of a staggered disclosure. The government knows exactly what this is, and they’re just kinda drips and drabs, and kind of giving us scraps from the table to not hit us with the hard news right away.”

Just last week, Congress shared that UFOs are not “man-made,” and could pose a threat. Their definition of UFO now excludes man-made objects.

Although it was relatively hidden in the document, Osbourne definitely caught it, as did others.

“I think there’s a huge portion of the government [that knows], I don’t think that everyone in Congress sat around being like ‘Ah, there’s 325 million idiots, we know it all and they don’t,'” Osbourne said. “Although that probably does happen a lot. But I do think that they have a greater understanding of what we are encountering and I don’t think it’s all the same thing.”

Jack Osbourne Shares UFO Theories Ahead of Discovery+ Special

When prompted about the fact that presidents would have the information and it is hard to believe that no former president has come out about it, Osbourne had an answer for that as well. “It’s funny though that, there has been little things. Eisenhower, he said he witnessed a UFO. And there’s been a couple of presidents that have made certain comments But if you think about it, you’re only president for 8 years if you’re lucky. So I don’t think they give them the full keys to the kingdom,” he said. “

In my mind, I go, the people that are going to know this stuff are the lifelong generals or the CEOs of these contracting companies Northorp Grumman or Raytheon or you know, these people that are in these positions for 20 years. They’re the ones that are going to be kinda read in on it, not the president whose going to be gone in 8 years.”

Osbourne’s special, Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: UFOs, which is just around the corner, focuses on exactly what he talked about and more. The Discovery+ synopsis reads: “Jack Osbourne brings friends Jason Mewes and Jamie Kennedy to the edge of the unknown in search of the truth about UFOs. They embark on an unflinching investigation to figure out if reports of unexplained aerial phenomena in Utah’s Uinta Basin are real.”

Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: UFOs premieres on Discovery+ on September 3.