‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera’s Wife Pleads for Him to Return to Rehab

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that ‘Jackass’ star Bam Margera vanished from a rehab facility for the second time in two weeks, his wife, Nicole Boyd Margera, has reportedly pleaded for him to return for treatment. 

According to TMZ, the “Jackass” star is worried that he will never see his son, Phoenix Wolf. And that is why he left the rehab facility. A rep for Margera’s wife says she is hoping Bam will get the help he needs by returning to rehab. He has been undergoing treatment this year. 

The “Jackass” castmate’s wife also says that she and their son are in full support of him finishing the program. She also said she has no clue where he is and she’s worried sick about his safety.

As previously reported, Margera went missing from a rehab center earlier this month. He allegedly informed the manager he was moving to a different rehab center. Since his rehab stint is court-mandated, the stuntman was escorted back to the center by police. However, a couple of weeks later, Margera has up and left the facility once again. He is afraid he will never get a chance to prove that he is a good father to his son due to rehab stints. 

The “Jackass” star’s wife further shared that she has been nothing but supportive of him. She even moved from California to Florida to be closer to him while he’s in rehab. The stuntman’s spouse also said she thinks she is being unfairly blamed for his departure from the center. She is praying he will return to rehab and get the help he needs. 

‘Jackass’ Co-Star Steve-O Opens Up About Bam Margera’s Firing From the Franchise 

While chatting with Mike Tyson on “Hotboxin’,” Steve-O opened up about Bam Margera’s firing from “Jackass.” 

“I said it in a comment on Instagram if I say it now, it’s really how I feel,” the “Jackass” star explained. “The way that ‘Jackass’ treated Bam by making him take drug tests, by telling him that his contract required him to be sober for the movie… What it was, that they loved him. They cared about him. And it’s the same exact people who organized an intervention, which saved my life.”

Steve-O also admitted that Bam’s problems have been well known for years prior to “Jackass Forever” being greenlit. He went on to add, “Bam had so many interventions. He was locked up in so many rehabs. By the time we were making this ‘Jackass movie,’ there was just nothing… You know, they thought, ‘Maybe if we try this. You can be in the movie if you get healthy and stay sober.’ It’s the last f—ing thing they had to try.”