‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera ‘Missing’ After Fleeing From Florida Rehab Facility: Report

by Emily Morgan

Authorities have reported former “Jackass” star Bam Margera, as missing after reportedly leaving a Florida rehab facility without authorization. Per reports from TMZ, the 42-year-old was reportedly at the facility under a court order. However, he left the Delray Beach treatment center in a black vehicle.

He reportedly told the facility’s manager that he planned to leave and check into a different rehab center. Margera was also reportedly not pleased with the restrictions at the facility. However, as authorities combed the area for him, Margera was posting on his social media since leaving rehab.

On the same day, Margera posted a selfie to his Instagram Story featuring his wife and Machine Gun Kelly.

In May, the Pennsylvania native celebrated one year in a drug and alcohol treatment program. He revealed he planned to continue attending outpatient treatment classes. In addition, he had recently moved into an apartment with his wife and their 4-year-old son, Phoenix. 

The “Viva La Bam” star has also posted about his time with his family via Instagram. In addition, he’s shared pics from their time at Disney World and baseball games. 

He even snapped pics with his son at a doctor’s appointment earlier in June. “Healing does not mean the damage never existed,” he captioned a series of pics at the time. “It means the damage no longer controls our lives.”

Bam Margera walks back Jackass lawsuit

In May, the former TV personality broke his wrist “for the 10th time.” He also refused to take painkillers while recovering. He showcased his injury via Instagram, writing, “Bruises teach lessons … and lessons make us better.”

Bam Margera also claimed production fired him from Jackass 4 in February of 2021. The move came just days after he announced he was seeking treatment for his mental health. 

He reportedly broke his contract by testing positive for Adderall. According to Magera, he claimed the crew knew he had been taking it to treat his attention deficit disorder. The contractual agreement required Margera to undergo several planned and unplanned daily drug tests and take prescription medications. As a result, production told him that if he disagreed, they would fire him.

In August, he filed a lawsuit claiming production had forced him to sign a “wellness agreement” during a rehab stay. He says they forced him to sign it in 2019 so that he could star in the 2022 movie Jackass Forever. However, he moved to dismiss the lawsuit in April.

“Paramount’s inhumane treatment of Margera cannot be countenanced,” his lawsuit read. “Margera was made to endure psychological torture in the form of a sham Wellness Agreement, and then ultimately terminated for his protected class status due to his mental condition, and his complaints about Defendants’ discriminatory conduct towards him.”