‘Jackass’ Star Bam Margera Reportedly Found by Authorities After Going Missing From Rehab Center

by Emily Morgan

Authorities have located Bam Margera after the Jackass star was reported missing from a rehab facility. He was found at a Delray Beach, Florida hotel on Wednesday. 

According to sources from TMZ, local police and a crisis intervention team took the TV personality back to the rehab facility. However, Bam, whose real name is Brandon Cole Margera, reportedly did not resist. The rehab facility’s manager added that a judge forced the 42-year-old’s stint at the facility. As a result, police went looking for him when he went missing. 

Per the sources, the Pennsylvania native likely did not suffer a relapse. He recently completed a year in a drug and alcohol treatment program. According to reports, the former MTV star was irritated that he was not receiving “special treatment” from the rehab staff. As a result, he decided to depart the facility. 

However, Margera was not allowed to leave the facility without proper authorization but left anyway. According to official police records, he told staff he would check himself into another rehab center in the area. 

The manager then reported to the police he saw Margera leaving in a black vehicle around 8 p.m. on Monday. However, authorities continued to look for the famous skateboarder. Per the New York Post, officials said Margera did not seem to be a threat to himself or others at the time. In addition, his close ones were reportedly trying to get him back to the facility. 

Bam Margera posted pic with his new AA sponsor while police searched for the Jackass star

Yet, on Tuesday, Bam Margera posted a photo to his Instagram fist-bumping with his “new Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor.” In the post, Margera smiled alongside “MMA fighter, chiropractor and ten years sober Dominick,” who is now his new sponsor. 

He also added a selfie to his Instagram Story showing him with his wife, Nicole Boyd, and Machine Gun Kelly. Kelly was performing in Florida at the time. Margera entered the facility in September under police escort after someone called authorities about an “emotionally distressed person.”

However, things were looking up when he celebrated “one year of treatment” for his substance abuse in May. He said he planned on attending outpatient treatment classes for the next several months. 

However, things took another dip in May when the television star broke his right wrist for the 10th time and dislocated his right elbow while skateboarding. Afterward, he refused pain medication due to his sobriety. As a result, he blamed the rehab employees for not helping him get into physical therapy. 

The Jackass alum hurt himself when attempting a trick he hadn’t tried in over a year at a Florida skatepark. He attempted the move during a break at a nearby AA meeting when his arm bent backward, according to TMZ