‘Jackass’ Stars Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O Hint at the Possibility of a Fifth Movie

by Joe Rutland

With another Jackass movie in their rear-view mirror, could there be yet a fifth movie in the very popular franchise? This is the question that stars Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O talked about for a bit. Both appeared on Steve-O’s Wild Ride podcast. As you take a listen to the stars chat it up, Steve-O mentions that they just finished up with a press junket for Jackass Forever. They do some wild and crazy stunts in the movies and have become synonymous with them. Still, a possibility for a fifth movie was discussed.

“After each and every one of the first three Jackass movies, Knoxville declared on the record that it was over,” Steve-O said. “And this fourth movie is actually he hasn’t declared that.” Knoxville replies, “I keep saying we might, we might not but there’s no definitive answer. But I think these reporters have to come in with some angle, right? So whatever, I understand.”

Steve-O says, “And what they’re interpreting is your saying that you’re done risking your life. You can’t get in there with bulls anymore. And this is the last movie you’re really going to risk your life for, and thank God. I never wanted to see you with the bull in the first place. I definitely never want to see you with a bull again.” Steve-O also said that if anyone reacts to Knoxville saying that in a critical way, well, he had this to say. He showed up for the third movie and said, “Dude, I’m not going to risk my life.” He would go on to say that he’s survived enough.

Johnny Knoxville of ‘Jackass’ Even Drew The Line On One Stunt

With all the stunts that Knoxville and Steve-O have done over the years, you might think anything goes with them. But even that really is not the case. There was one stunt that even Knoxville thought was too extreme. What in the world would that one be? Knoxville was talking with Vulture and brought up a moment where he talked with the director. It involved putting a fishhook in Steve-O’s mouth. “And I remember talking to [director] Jeff [Tremaine] when he told me the idea of the fishhook and casting Steve-O out to sea,” he said. “I wasn’t fond of that idea. I knew it was a great opening to a scene but how do you end it?”

Here’s a mashup you didn’t expect to happen. Let’s talk Jackass and the WWE. Back in February, an altercation took place at the Jackass Forever premiere between Knoxville and WWE pro wrestler Sami Zayn. It all looked really serious and might just have been a setup. Why? Because Knoxville and his Jackass crew actually had a WrestleMania match with Zayn.