James Caan’s Former Girlfriend Breaks 30-Year Silence, Makes Serious Allegations

by Tia Bailey

Actress Leesa Rowland, actor James Caan’s ex-girlfriend, has spoken out after 30 years of silence. She detailed her experiences with the actor.

Caan made the news back in the 90s for being the center of a murder probe. It was also revealed that Rowland had taken out a restraining order against him. She also filed a physical battery lawsuit, which was settled for $86,000.

Caan passed away last month from a heart attack. Although Rowland had never spoken about the lawsuit and restraining order publicly, she has come out following his death to talk about her experience.

Rowland told Daily Mail in an exclusive interview about the horrors she encountered, such as how he choked her, threatened to put a hit on her mother, and blacklisted her from Hollywood.

“I feel like I’m free and no longer have a threat that someone’s going to hurt me,” she told the publication.

The ex-couple met when Rowland was 25 and Caan was 52. “I didn’t really know who he was when I met him. He was just Jimmy. He had a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo belt buckle and he said he was a rodeo cowboy, which is what I thought he was at first. But of course, he wasn’t. He was an actor,” Rowland told Daily Mail.

She described him as “very charming and nice,” and said that they had hung out all the time.

Leesa Rowland Shares Experience with Ex, James Caan

She shared that things were normal until she had questioned him about the death of their mutual friend. Mark Schwartz had fallen from the fire escape of an apartment that Caan was staying the night in. The death had been ruled an accident after investigation.

Rowland was with Caan the night of the accident. She described it in detail. She said: “Jimmy and I were at the apartment and I had an audition the next day. Jimmy called Mark to tell him to print out my script. He printed it out, picked up pizza and brought it over to the apartment. He brings it up and we hang out with Mark for a while. We were with another friend talking, laughing, looking at photo albums of him and Ola. Everything was fine and normal. He wasn’t drunk like the reports said.”

The last time she saw Schwartz was before she turned in for the night. The next morning, she found out that Schwartz had died.

“I go into the bedroom of the suite, I go to sleep and then I wake up in the morning to homicide police. The police tell us they have James in another [police] car and that he didn’t recognize the body,” she said.

Daily Mail reported that Rowland was relieved at this, because Caan not recognizing the body meant it was no one they had known. However, the police walked her over and showed the body, and it was Schwartz. Although she had first thought it was a gunshot, it became clear that he had fallen off the building.

Days later, she questioned Caan, because she was suspicious that he had said he didn’t recognize the body when it was clearly Schwartz.

James Caan Reportedly Choked and Threw Ex Leesa Rowland

From then on, he pressured her to “self-medicate” with alcohol, causing her to drink every time she thought about that day.

“A few months later the story is on the news and I joke to him, ‘Can you believe they used my hypothesis that he fell from the fire escape? It’s obvious he fell from the balcony. What’s that about?’ He didn’t think that was funny. His whole demeanor changed and he said, ‘Leesa, if I ever hear that you’re talking, I will put a hit out on your mother.’ And if you know Jimmy he thinks he’s a gangster. And at that moment he felt like a gangster,” she said.

She claims that he then choked her and threw her into the hallway. To read the full interview and read the rest of the story, check it out here.