Jason Momoa Involved in Collision With Motorcyclist: Video Emerges From Aftermath of Crash

by Emily Morgan

Jason Momoa was recently involved in a head-on car crash over the weekend. Now, we have a video of the aftermath of the collision. 

TMZ recently obtained a video of the scene after the crash. In this clip, you can see the actor walking back to his car as paramedics tend to the motorcyclist behind him, who was also involved in the wreck. 

The footage appears to be taken from a camera mounted to someone’s bike as they were cruising by. In the video, you can see Momoa, who seems to be holding up okay despite the accident. However, there was no sign of the injured motorcyclist, but you could see their bike and gear on the side of the road. 

After the wreck, reports surfaced that everyone was okay and no one was blamed for the tragic event. 

Law enforcement revealed that the Fast X actor was driving on Old Topanga Canyon Road Sunday out near the Calabasas area in California when at one point, a biker on a motorcycle traveling in the opposite direction made contact with him as he came around the curve. 

According to reports, the motorcycle rider crossed over into the actor’s lane during this bend in the road. Then, he hit the left front end of Jason Momoa’s Oldsmobile muscle car in the blink of an eye. 

After going airborne for a moment, the rider, fortunately, landed on his feet. However, according to sources, it wasn’t before he collided with the actor’s windshield. He then cleared the hood of his car and ended up on the other side. Thankfully, the rider was left standing up after the scray accident. 

Jason Momoa OK following head-on collision

After medical officials arrived on the scene, the motorcycle rider was transported to a nearby hospital. He suffered minor injuries, including bruising to their leg and an injury to their thumb. Momoa sustained no injuries. 

Jason Momoa appeared in the 2021 Netflix film Sweet Girl with a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 muscle car that seems similar to the one he was driving over the weekend. 

Although his classic car may have sustained some damage after the head-on collision, we feel he’ll be able to pay for the repairs. 

As we know, the King of Atlantis is making some serious cheddar for his recent acting roles. After the success of 2018’s Aquaman, Momoa renegotiated his deal to double his salary for the upcoming sequel. 

According to Variety, Jason Momoa will take home $15 million for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. The next installment of Aquaman has been shot to completion and is set to be released next March.

Momoa’s $15 million is in the range of his Marvel counterparts. Chris Hemsworth and Scarlett Johansson are reported to have earned $20 million for their roles in Thor: Love and Thunder and Black Widow, respectively.